Poultry farming is very interesting especially when you can identify the chicken breeds you are keeping. Many poultry keepers do not really know the name of the chicken breeds they rear; rearing chicken is fine but the ability to identify chicken breeds with pictures is super cool. In this article, you would find pictures of different chicken breeds for easy identification. 


Classification of Chicken breeds

Different chicken breeds are reared for different purposes; some are reared for meat, egg or both products. Generally, chickens are grouped into 3 based on their purpose of production.
These groups are;

  • Egg producer
  • Meat producer
  • Dual purpose

Chicken  Breeds: Egg Producers

Egg producers: The egg producers are genetically bred for egg production; they are reared mainly for egg production. If you are rearing chicken breeds for eggs, look at the chicken breeds pictures to identify the breed you keep.


  1. Black Australorp

Australorp chicken breeds with picture

The Black Australorp is a type of chicken breed, developed in Australia for egg production. This chicken breed is, hardy and very easy to handle. Currently, Black Australorp is one of the best prolific layer breeds in the world.


  1. Buff Orpington

Buff orpington chicken breeds with picture

Named after a town called Orpington, Kent, in southeast England, Buff Orpington is one of the best laying chickens in the world; fluffed-out feathers, which make it look large, calm, docile and friendly disposition, characterize them. Buff Orpington is one of the chicken breeds with feathered feet.


  1. White Leghorn:

White Leghorn chicken breeds picture

White Leghorn is another good laying chicken from Tuscany, Italy. They are characterized by white egg production, their excellent flight ability, noisiness and their good ability to forage.


  1. Brown Leghorn

brown leghorn chicken breeds with picture

Brown Leghorn is another good laying chicken breed. They are characterized by early maturity, hardiness, non-broody, and nervousness. They also produce white eggs of appreciable size.


Chicken Breed: Meat Producers

Meat producers:  These are breeds that are reared solely for meat production; they are heavy breeds with a relatively larger size. Examples are:

  1. Sussex

sussex chicken breeds with picture

Sussex chicken is a soft-feathered, docile chicken breed. Although they have the ability to produce eggs, they are mainly used for meat production.


  1. Cornish/Rock cross broiler

 broiler chicken breeds with picture

The Cornish Cross Broiler is the most efficient meat chicken of all meat breed chickens; they are fast growing chicken breed with good feed conversion ratio; they have the ability to mature within 8 weeks.


Chicken Breeds: Dual-Purpose chickens

Dual purpose breed: These are breeds raised for both egg and meat production. They produce eggs in reasonable quantity but they are large chicken breeds, hence they are good meat producers. Examples are:


  1. Noiler


noiler chicken breeds with picture

The Noiler chicken is a dual-purpose breed of chicken developed in Nigeria by a famous hatchery; Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery. Noiler chicken farming is fast becoming very popular because the birds grow fast; they are good meat producers and similarly produce eggs in commercial quantity and quality.


  1. Kuroiler

Kuroiler chicken breeds with picture

Kuroilers are highly adaptive breed of chicken; they are well adapted to any climatic condition. They are good for saving cost as they can thrive on forage and kitchen waste.  Kuroiler chickens, being a native of India, are very popular among the farmers in India. They are also good meat and producers.


  1. Rhode Island Red

chicken breeds with picture

Rhode Island Red is one of the best chicken breeds in the world; they are genetically bred to serve a dual purpose. They are good egg producers and are good converter of feed to meat.


  1. Plymouth Rock

plymouth rock chicken breeds with picture

Plymouth Rock chicken is one of the oldest chicken breeds; they have barred color and lay brown color eggs. They are good egg producers and are good converter of feed to flesh.


  1. New Hampshire

new hampshire chicken breeds with picture

New Hampshire chicken is a dual-purpose chicken breed developed in the United States. They are characterized by early maturity, broodiness, and reddish-brown color.

Knowing these chicken breeds aids selection for different production purposes; now am pleased you can identify these chicken breeds with pictures anywhere you find them.

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