Wheat Bran Cattle Feed Price

Wheat bran is a byproduct generated while extracting flour from the Wheat Grain. Technically speaking there’s no product called Animal Feed Wheat Bran or Human Food Wheat Bran. When buyers use a term called Animal Feed Wheat Bran, the producers use adulterants to reduce the cost of the product and offer the price for the same. Using adulterants-based wheat bran may harm animals and birds as well.  We have attained a notable position in the market by manufacturing and supplying an excellent quality spectrum of Wheat Bran Cattle Feed in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India. We are a renowned manufacturer of Cattle Feed, who believe in quality delivery at right time and place. This feed is specially prepared for buffaloes cows considering their high level of fat and protein requirements. Company Shipped in 0 days after payment

Features of Wheat Bran Cattle Feed

Protein, minerals, oil and fibre are mainly found in the outer layers of the grain, and wheat bran is richer in these nutrients than the whole grain. Wheat bran is relatively rich in protein (14-19% DM, sometimes higher) and minerals (4-7% DM), notably calcium (0.07-0.2% DM) and phosphorus (0.9-1.3% DM). Its oil content (3-5% DM) is higher than that of the whole grain. The fibre and starch contents are inversely correlated and extremely variable, as they depend on the relative amounts of envelopes, endosperm and other fractions mixed together.


 Moisture : 14 % max.

Energy : 329 kcal

Protein : 12% min.

Carbohydrate: 70% min.

Crude Fibre : 2% min.

Fat : 3% max.

Foreign Matter : 1% max.

Other Food Grain : 2% max

Discolored : 1% max.

Shrivilled & immature: 2% max.


Moisture (% Maximum)12
Crude Protein (% Between)12 -15
Crude Fat (% Between)2 – 3.5
Crude Fiber (% Between)2.5 – 8.5
Carbohydrates (% Between)51 – 65.2
Crude Ash (% Between)1 – 6.3
Sand Silica (% Between)0.4 – 2
Natural Phosphorus Content (% Between)0.50 – 1.47
Natural Calcium Content (% Between)0.10 – 0.17
Foreign MatterNil

Prices of Wheat Bran Cattle Feed

$180.00-$350.00/ Ton

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