Walnut Shell Powder Price

Walnut shell powder is know to be one of the best abrasive and natural solution to cosmetic scrubs. It is made using crushed walnut shells (out skin on walnuts), which are hard, yet soft for using in formulating facial scrubs. Its free from any hazardous chemicals or silica or pesticides. H&C’s Walnut shell powder is drown from specific sieving method, to get you most suitable mesh (particle size), for cosmetic formulations. It particle size is not so big, that it will bruise you skin, nor so fine that it do not give any exfoliants or scrubbing effect. Its very much safe and easy to use as a cosmetic ingredient in making : Facial scrubs, skin cleansers, peeling creams, exfoliants, foot scrubs and lotions.

Product Description

Walnut Shell Grit is a hard and fibrous product made from crushed Walnut Shell in accordance with global standard and it is the most soft type abrasive in the market. It has excellent durability and is now widely used to blast clean and polish soft metals, glass, fiber glass, wood, plastic and stone. It works as a deburring and deflashing product for molding, casting and electrical parts. It is an efficient soft abrasive when used to tumble and polish gun casings, jewelry and metal parts and can also be used to prepare surfaces and equipment or wall for painting.

The shells are ground into three grades of grits. The Coarse Grits are used for blast cleaning purpose, components can be cleaned without marking or etching the components blasted surfaces and also used in landscape mulching. Shape of every grains of our product is angular not in round, that gives best and fast results then other medias and can reused for multiple times

Features of Walnut Shell Powder

  • ✓ 100% Natural, Raw, Vegan & Free of Harmful additives
  • ✓ Full of Naturally found Benefits for Hair
  • ✓ Plant based, air tight packaging for freshness
  • ✓ Manufactured in ISO & GMP Certified Facility
  • ✓ Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Product Specification

Packaging TypeVacuum Bag
UsageIndustrial Use
Packing Size25 KG PP Bags
BrandHerbs And Crops
Quantity Per Pack25 KG
Hardness2.5 – 3.0 On MOHS Scale
Moisture PercentageNMT 3%
Shelf Life3 Years
Specific Gravity1.2 – 1.4
Abrasive Grain Sizes2 – 3mm
Minimum Order Quantity1000 Kg

Prices of Walnut Shell Powder

$400.00-$500.00/ Metric Ton

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