Vets4pets Rabbit Vaccination Prices

Fortunately, your bunny can be safeguarded against life-threatening diseases with an annual vaccination – by getting an injection against these diseases every year, you know your rabbit is up-to-date with the very best protection. Vaccinations are quick and simple, and before your bunny is vaccinated they will also receive a full health assessment. This is a vital opportunity for the vet to detect any visible health problems which that may be developing, to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet, and to make sure you have all the information on the best care for your rabbit.

Keeping your annual vaccination appointment every year is really important for both you and your rabbit. If you would like any more information on vaccinating your rabbit, get in touch with your local Vets4Pets practice.

Features of Vets4pets Rabbit Vaccination

All our practices offer routine vaccinations as part of their standard service and recommend cats, dogs and rabbits are protected against these diseases at an annual appointment. A vaccination appointment is much more than just a quick injection. Our vets and nurses will conduct a full health check on your pet to make sure that nothing is amiss, and will also make sure to listen to any of your worries or concerns. Have a think ahead of time too – your vet will ask you questions about how your pet has been, and if you have noticed any changes.

Benefits of Vets4pets Rabbit Vaccination

As a general rule, your rabbit can be vaccinated from seven weeks old with the combined Myxomatosis RHD Plus vaccine and immunity takes three weeks to develop. This vaccination gives protection against the three main rabbit diseases – Myxomatosis, Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease 1 (RHD1) and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease 2 (RHD2). Historically two separate vaccinations were needed, but there is now a single vaccine available.

To keep their immunity topped up rabbits will need a yearly booster vaccination. If you are not sure if your rabbit has been vaccinated, or you know they have not been vaccinated then getting your rabbit in for their vaccination appointment is a priority. Speak to your vet to discuss your rabbits vaccination plan.

Prices of Vets4pets Rabbit Vaccination

$63.99 – $288.35

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