Veterinary X Ray Machine

IBIS’ experience and know-how guarantee a wide range of products and solutions for veterinary x-ray systems. Our company designs and manufactures multiple options in terms of veterinary x-ray systems for professional veterinary clinics, animal health, laboratory use, surgery, and veterinary research. All medical devices for the veterinary industry offered by IBIS ensure maximum reliability, as each product is designed and tested extensively to deliver the best performance throughout time and maximum continuity of usage. At the same time, all veterinary x-ray systems developed by IBIS are the result of our constant upgrading and Research & Development so to always offer the most up-to-date machinery to veterinary professionals. Our veterinary x-ray systems are customer-focused in terms of ability to anticipate the physician’s and patient’s needs, always providing maximum precision, easy maintenance and mobility and, above all, constant customer care and support from our dedicated team.

In this section, you have the chance to discover the many solutions designed by IBIS in terms of veterinary x-ray systems. From digital fixed units for clinics and veterinary surgeries to compact and portable digital flat panel detectors; from complete systems for veterinary radiology to mobile applications for fluoroscopy and radiography suitable for wards and operating chambers; from dependable, affordable, compact and lightweight veterinary x-ray machines to customized, highly-performing software platforms depending on FDP brand, ideal for clinics and/or domiciliary radiology for big animals such as horses and cattle.


Digital radiography is an environmentally friendly and high-quality alternative to analog X-ray imaging in veterinary medicine. Digital and analog imaging systems differ only in terms of image production and image display. Digital X-ray images are subject to the same laws of physics as conventional images. Instead of viewing film in a lightbox, digital images are visualized using a PC and monitor. Thus, the transition to digital radiography requires very few changes in the established workfow for veterinarians.

Digital images can be easily shared via email, for example for expert consultations. Pet owners appreciate being able to take home images on a CD.  If you are not interested in investing in a new X-ray machine at the moment, you can still profit from the excellent quality of digital X-ray images using your old X-ray equipment. Conventional X-ray equipment can be transitioned to digital by the addition of a flat panel detector and a medical display monitor.

Features of Veterinary X Ray Machine

5 each (500 pc) per Order

Minimizes effects of patient motion

Reduces unnecessary radiation exposure

Extends X-ray tube life

Can be used with portable machines

Increased diagnostic information

Fewer retakes needed

Reduce cost

Saves time and money

Increased diagnostic ability

Size: 10″ x 12

Blue light sensitive film.


Item Weight‎10.28 pounds
Package Dimensions‎14.3 x 13 x 10 inches
Batteries Required?‎No

Prices of Veterinary X Ray Machine

$100.00-$3,300.00/ Unit

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