Veterinary X Ray Machine Cost

.This veterinary ultrasound scanner is in vivo/vitro diagnosis of horse,goats,sheep,pigs,dogs and other animals..It is with one 7.5Mhz rectal linear probe and one 3.5Mhz convex/abdominal probe..It is with simple and easy image management function,reports can be printed and output..This ultrasound scanner can be connected with video printer, ink-jet printer and laser printer. .Realizing image real-time, freeze, memory, calling up and large capacity cine loop; possessing functions such as multi-level scanning depth, dynamic range, focus number, focus distance, focus position adjusting, etc..Character display: date, time, animal name, animal type, hospital, serial number, frame rate, depth, total gain, dynamic range, frame correlation, probe frequency, magnification times and functional menu.

Product Description

30 maMost powerful yet most compact and light weight. Truly portable unit. 
50 maSelf contained tube unit with full wave rectified h. T. Generator and stationary anode x-ray tube. 
60/100 maTube stand can rotate 360 degree from its axis, stretcher & bed side radiography is possible. 
300 ma Full wave rectified generator in a separate tank, digital selection from 5-250 mas. 
500 maHigh voltage silicon rectifiers for constant output. 
1000 ma High frequency diagnostic x-ray systems for single and dual tube. 

Features of Veterinary X Ray Machine

VET-X model is a cost effective radiographic unit for veterinary applications. Designed for small animal veterinarians, VET-X allows maximum imaging coverage with limited installation space.

· Simple design facilitates quick installation.

· Convenient table top height.

· Table top with centre line marking.

· Simple, smooth effortless movement of Bucky column on the entire length of the table with mechanical lock.

· Sleek, steel fabricated design. Aluminium angles for extra strength.

Product Specification

Machine TypeFixed (Stationary)
Tube TypeStationary Anode
Power Supply Volts220 V
Power Supply Frequency50 Hz
Generator TypeHigh Frequency
Current100 MA

Prices of Veterinary X Ray Machine

 $ 3000-5000 / Piece

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