Veterinary Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive method of measuring the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin (SpO2) in arterial blood. It it perfect?  Is it the gold standard?  No: an arterial blood gas (ABG) is considered the gold standard.  Due to the complexity of arterial blood gas sampling, it is often reserved for critically ill canine patients, leaving pulse oximetry the common bedside test for evaluating oxygenation. That said, in VetGirl’s opinion: pulse oximeter + venous blood gas (VBG) = ABG.

Principle of the CMS60D-Vet Pulse Oximeter is as follows: Photoelectric Oxyhemoglobin Inspection Technology is adopted in accordance with Capacity Pulse Scanning & Recording Technology,The Veterinary Pulse Oximeter can be used in measuring the pulse oxygen saturation and pulse rate through animal’s tongue or ear and so on.The product is suitable for being used in family,pet hospital and etc. (It is recommended to use the device when the animal is still.

Features of Veterinary Pulse Oximeter

Veterinary NIBP
1.High-definition color LCD display, strong visibility.
2.Data storage function, up to 100 groups of data can be stored, by which measured data can be reviewed.
3.One-touch operation, automatic BP measurement, adopts oscillometric multistep deflation measurement method, good repeatability. When measurement error happens, device will prompt error message.
4.Physiological alarm function, alarm limits can be set the alarm limits. When blood pressure is higher than the high limit or lower than the low limit, the alarm will occur. Alarm switch can be set.
5.Supply two kinds of units: Kpa/mmHg, which can be set as user’s need. Audial and visual prompt when power is low.
6.With short-time power storage function, when replacing the battery, the clock time function can’t be affected.
7.Three cuff mode: large, medium, small. User can choose corresponding cuff and cuff mode according to different body type of animals.
8.Store measured results with date and time.
9.Function of automatic power-off.

Uses/benefits of Veterinary Pulse Oximeter

1.Small in volume, light in weight and convenient to carry.
2.Easy and simple to operate, low in power consumption.
3.With function menu.
4.Display of SpO2 1.Small in volume, light in weight and convenient to carry.
2.Easy and simple to operate, low in power consumption.
3.With function menu.
4.Display of SpO2 PR value.pulse waveform.
5.Adjustable screen brightness, PR sound indication.

Product Specification

Parameter MeasuresSpO2 + Pulse Rate
Model Name/NumberNT1B
Display TypeSingle Color LED
Warranty12 Months
BrandTechnocare Medisysteam
ApplicationHospital, Veterinary Purpose, Clinical
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece

Prices of Veterinary Pulse Oximeter

$75.00-$120.00/ Set

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