Veterinary Monitoring Equipment

This article is the second in a series discussing the goals of anesthetic monitoring as well as associated procedures and equipment. In the first article, the authors answered questions about anesthetic monitoring, including why it’s performed, information obtained during monitoring, and important components of the anesthetic process.

The main fundamental aspects of anesthetic monitoring are:

  1. Oxygenation (circulatory and respiratory function)
  2. Ventilation (respiratory function)
  3. Circulation (circulatory function with an emphasis on cardiac output).

These three elements work simultaneously in order to maintain adequate tissue and organ perfusion with oxygenated blood

Oxygenation and ventilation are essential for maintaining a high oxygen level in the blood, while cardiac output plays a pivotal role in maintaining tissue and organ perfusion with highly oxygenated blood. In this way, oxygenation, ventilation, and circulation each play a critical role in providing oxygen to tissues.


This CONTEC Animal Blood Pressure Monitor can be used for both family and farm pets. It features full-automatic measurement and a high-definition color LCD display for easy reading. This veterinary blood pressure monitor also stores results with the date and time. It is easy to use with one-touch operation buttons on the front panel. You can also use it for animal hospitals and clinics.

Features of Veterinary Monitoring Equipment

2.4‘’TFT LCD,display parameters and waveform.1800mA lithium battery inside,12 hours continuous work.Only one button, easy to operate.Bluetooth inside, can be connected with other smart devices. Bluetooth Through bluetooth,the data can be transfer to PC or other smart devices.It is widely used in types of surgery in the pet emergency centers and pet hospitals.

AM6100 is a Bluetooth animals multiparameter monitor, which is small in size, light in weight(only 588g). With simple and portable design, as well as flexible installation and easy operation. The product is suitable for monitoring before and after the operation in pet hospitals and homes. At the same time, it can be freely combined with other medical devices, which can greatly improve the level and function of primary medical products and provide excellent platform for the improvement of pet treatment and management level.

Uses/benefits of Veterinary Monitoring Equipment

  • Can be used to test family pets and for animal hospitals, clinics and farms
  • Features an easy-to-use 1-touch operation
  • High-definition color LCD display
  • Stores measured results with the date and time
  • Pet care supplies from CONTEC

Prices of Veterinary Monitoring Equipment

$150.00-$300.00/ Unit

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