Veterinary Medical Equipment

A vet’s career is very specialised, requiring specific equipment and instruments. As with any profession, there are certain pieces of equipment that are “must-haves”. These tools, devices and technology allow vets to provide top class medical care to their pet-patients. From exam tables and lighting to autoclaves, these tools and tech are must-haves for any new vet clinic.

Featuring a wide variety of. veterinary medical equipment is a true game-changer when it comes to finding high-quality veterinary treatment products. These. veterinary medical equipment are made by devising the latest technologies for more precision and advanced treatment procedures. The. veterinary medical equipment are durable and come with quality certifications for ensuring safe usage. You can treat both small and large animals with the help of these treatment instruments.  Finding reliable and efficient. veterinary medical equipment is not easy at all and takes a good bit of hassle. However, with the intervention of, finding productive. veterinary medical equipment is no longer tough, and, starting from surgery to other treatment procedures, all kinds of products are available here. Whether you want a surgical table or a thermometer or a BlueTooth-enabled oximeter, you can get all of them here. These. veterinary medical equipment are made from superior materials such as metal and plastic and do not involve the usage of toxic materials.

Features of Veterinary Medical Equipment:

  • Suitable for: quail, goose, dog, chicken, rabbit, mule, horse, pig, sheep, duck, cow, donkey and other animals.
  • The copper-plated head is more durable: the copper head of the syringe is round and smooth, and the syringe is made of high-quality plastic steel. The handle is made of blue plastic and more resistant to dirt.
  • Adjustable scale lever: The syringe scale lever can be adjusted for precise injection. Wring the screw to adjust the injected dose.
  • High-quality plastic steel syringe: high-quality plastic steel is stable and difficult to chemically react with the chemical solution. The syringe can be removed and replaced.
  • Includes spare parts: Each plastic syringe has spare parts for easy access. It can also be replaced when the syringe is damaged, extending the use time.

Types of Veterinary Medical Equipment

  • Veterinary examination tables
  • Grooming tables
  • Grooming bathtubs
  • Veterinary cages
  • Necropsy tables
  • Veterinary clinic trolleys
  • Other veterinary furniture
  • Veterinary stethoscopes
  • Veterinary otoscopes
  • Veterinary thermometers
  • Veterinary weighing scales
  • Veterinary blood glucose meters

Prices of Veterinary Medical Equipment

$439.00-$445.00/ Set

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