Veterinary Digital Radiography Equipment

Digital radiography is an environmentally friendly and high-quality alternative to analog X-ray imaging in veterinary medicine. Digital and analog imaging systems differ only in terms of image production and image display. Digital X-ray images are subject to the same laws of physics as conventional images. Instead of viewing film in a lightbox, digital images are visualized using a PC and monitor. Thus, the transition to digital radiography requires very few changes in the established workfow for veterinarians.

Digital images can be easily shared via email, for example for expert consultations. Pet owners appreciate being able to take home images on a CD.  If you are not interested in investing in a new X-ray machine at the moment, you can still profit from the excellent quality of digital X-ray images using your old X-ray equipment. Conventional X-ray equipment can be transitioned to digital by the addition of a flat panel detector and a medical display monitor


Digital direct radiography (DR) produces images of outstanding quality. A flat panel detector with of a large number of pixels acts as the image sensor. The detector converts X-ray beams into electrical impulses. The detector is connected to a computer and the image can be viewed immediately after exposure. There are also environmental benefits to using direct radiography. Chemicals are no longer needed to develop the X-ray film. Furthermore, clients appreciate the lower radiation doses for their pets. While the purchase price of direct digital equipment is higher than that of imaging plate (CR) systems, maintenance costs are much reduced. 

DR systems can build upon existing conventional X-ray equipment. Digital retrofitting does not involve modification of the X-ray machine or X-ray unit. The system‘s Auto Exposure Detection (AED) works without changes to the running system or cable connections. The new 35 x 43 cm X-ray detectors are designed to fit perfectly into the Bucky tray of existing X-ray units. Direct radiography systems have very high throughput rates for X-ray processing.

Features of Veterinary Digital Radiography Equipment

More than 1000 full-color photos and updated radiographic images visually demonstrate the relationship between anatomy and positioning.

UNIQUE! Non-manual restraint techniques including sandbags, tape, rope, sponges, sedation and combinations improve your safety and radiation protection.

UNIQUE! Comprehensive dental radiography coverage gives you a meaningful background in the dentistry subsection of vet radiography.

Increased emphasis on digital radiography, including quality factors and post-processing, keeps you up-to-date on the most recent developments in digital technology.

Broad coverage of radiologic science, physics, imaging and protection provide you with foundations for good technique.

Objectives, key terms, outlines, chapter introductions and key points help you organize information to ensure you understand what is most important in every chapter.

Color anatomy art created by an expert medical illustrator help you to recognize and avoid making imaging mistakes.

Check It Out boxes provide suggestions for practical actions that help better understand content being presented.

Points to ponder boxes emphasize information critical to performing tasks correctly.

Key points boxes help you to review critical content presented in the radiographic positioning chapters.

NEW! All chapters have been reviewed, revised and updated to present content in a way that is easy to follow and understand.

NEW! Updated radiation protection chapter focuses on the importance of safety in the lab.

NEW! Additional popular diagnostic information includes MRI/PET and CT/PET scans.

NEW! Coverage of Sante’s Rule that clearly explains the mathematical process for creating a technique chart

NEW! Chapters on Dental Imaging and Radiography, Quality Control, and Testing and Artifacts combines existing content with updates into these important parts of radiography.

Prices of Veterinary Digital Radiography Equipment

 $500.00-$6,500.00 / Set

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