Veterinary Anaesthetic Machine

Thorough revision of a comprehensive and highly readable textbook on veterinary anaesthesia A popular book amongst veterinary students and veterinary anaesthesia residents, the new edition of Veterinary Anaesthesia: Principles to Practice continues to be a comprehensive textbook covering the key principles of veterinary anaesthesia, encompassing a wide range of species. Fully revised, the information is summarised in a simple, accessible format to help readers navigate and locate relevant information quickly. Filled with technical and species-based chapters, it offers a quick reference guide to analgesic infusions, as well as emergency drug dose charts for canines, felines, and equines. Provides broad coverage of the basics of veterinary anaesthesia and how it is implemented in clinical practice Includes new information on mechanisms of general anaesthesia. F

eatures new and improved photographs and line illustrations, plus end of chapter questions to test your knowledge Covers veterinary anaesthesia for a wide range of species, including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, donkeys, and pigs Expands example case material to increase relevance to day-to-day clinical practice Updated to contain the latest developments in the field, Veterinary Anaesthesia: Principles to Practice is designed specifically for veterinary students and those preparing to take advanced qualifications in veterinary anaesthesia. It is also a useful reference for veterinarians in practice and advanced veterinary nurses and technicians”


Anaesthetists are very specialised medical professionals, requiring specific and reliable equipment and instruments. Our full range of veterinary anaesthesia machines and systems provide controlled delivery of anaesthetic gases.  One of the most important pieces of equipment that the anaesthetist uses is an anaesthetic machine, which is essential for the inhalation of anaesthesia. At Vet-Tech, our Anaesthetic Machines are designed to provide the correct mix of anaesthetic agents and 02 carrier gases while providing a safe working environment.

Vet Animal Anesthesia Machine for Sevoflurane halothane + Anesthesia Circuit kit Vaporize + Anesthesia Ventilator + Infusion Pump Livestock. The warranty of all products is 2 years!!!

  • AM-600V Portable Anaesthesia Machine (circle and compact) have full anaesthesia function, especially it is very small and portable. Inside it, there is a compact and built-in CO2 circle absorber system.
  • The tidal volume is from 20ml to 1500ml, which can be used for patients of more than 3kgs. It can be used widely at moving cars, dental hospitals, clinics, etc which space is small limited.

Features of Veterinary Anaesthetic Machine

  • Available in Cagemount fitting or Selectatec mount
  • Full 316 stainless steel construction
  • Removable folded steel tray, for easy cleaning
  • Twin castors constructed from poly-polypropylene, with a precision bearing and thermoplastic rubber tread
  • Front braked castors
  • Tiny footprint for size and specification
  • Dimensions: 134cm high, 51cm length, 41cm wide
  • High accuracy, calibrated rota-meter
  • Alloy oxygen flush with 22 mm BS outlet
  • Two-sided mounted hooks for convenience
  • Cylinder rings to the rear for an emergency oxygen cylinder
  • Bottom tray for use with 5 and 10-litre o2 concentrators
  • Lifetime guarantee subject to servicing
  • The listing does not include a vaporiser or oxygen concentrator
  • Can be customised on request at an additional cost, e.g. adding a top shelf


  • Ventilation methodclosed, semi-closed,semi-open
  • Tidal volume( Manual Mode)20ml-1500ml
  • Work pressure0.3—0.4Mpa
  • Flowmeter O2 0.1—10 L/min N2O 0.1—10 L/min
  • APL valve0.5—6.0Kpa
  • O2 Flush30-60L/min
  • Packing in carton, with sizes 786 x 281 x 437 mm
  • Equipping with one Crius 210 Vaporizer
  • Net weight 16.2 kgs, Gross weight 18.2 kgs
  • New Vet Veterinary Visual Infusion Pump Medical with KVO Automatic Voice Alar

Prices of Veterinary Anaesthetic Machine

$2,000.00-$2,300.00/ Set

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