Valais Blacknose Price

The Valais can be an added asset to a high-end estate – keeping property mowed and providing sheer delight to family members and visitors alike! Valais are particularly kind and gentle with children so they make a great addition to any hobby farm or 4-H family farm. They are often regarded as prized pets and also make an impactful contribution to any farm animal conservatory or national petting zoos. And if you would like to start your own breed-up program, we might be able to provide some guidance and foundation ewes to help to get you started.


It is important to us that you understand this breed and the responsibility and privilege of owning a cross, or pure-bred Valais.  For this reason, we try to qualify only folks who are sincerely interested in purchasing our sheep.  We take the time to answer your questions and make sure you are ready for ownership.

Apart from Little Penguins we have another passion and that is for Sheep and the wonderful eco-fibre they produce. Shireen has been breeding colored Romney mash for 40 years and worked on all sorts of crafts from their beautiful fleeces. In the last few years rare sheep breeds have been added to the Pohatu scene and when the Valais Blacknose sheep came to New Zealand, we just had to add them. We purchased Bobby, a beautiful ram lamb from the Stratheden stud who gave us our first F1’s for a breeding up program.


Extraordinary beauty and unique appearance of Blacknose Sheep consists of their specific colouring: white wool contrasts with their black faces and ears, black patches are also located on particular places of their bodies, such as knees, feet, or hocks. Their cute look is also connected with another characteristics of the wool. Valais Blacknose Sheep have a very fluffy and long wool, what makes these adorable animals look even more sweet. Both males and females have horns, what sometimes makes it hard to recognise rams from ewes. Males are larger and heavier than females. A ram can weigh from 80 to 130 kg, while the weight of a mature ewe varies from 70 to 90 kg. Average female’s height is 72-78 cm, males are slightly larger (75-83 cm).

Valais Blacknose Price

$1,000 – $10,000.

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