The Traveling Lawn Tractor Sprinkler is a great way to water your lawn or garden with less work. This sprinkler is designed to attach to the back of your lawn tractor, so you can easily use it on any surface without having to carry around extra equipment. The nozzle rotates 360 degrees, so you can easily adjust the water flow and coverage area. The sprinkler comes with a long hose that reaches up to 50 feet away from where you’re standing.

The Traveling Lawn Tractor Sprinkler is a unique and innovative product that allows you to water your lawn without having to use hoses or sprinklers. It is a great alternative to traditional watering methods, as it allows you to water your entire lawn at once in just minutes. This product is perfect for people who may have limited mobility, have trouble with bending over, or are simply looking for an easier way to water their lawns.

The Traveling Lawn Tractor Sprinkler is easy to install and requires no tools at all. It comes with an adjustable mounting bracket that can be attached directly to your lawn mower’s front wheel axle brackets. Once installed, you will be able to attach any standard garden hose directly into the sprinkler’s nozzle system. The sprinkler will allow you full control of how much water is released per pass over your lawn so that it does not get too saturated or overwatered during use. The design also works well in sandy soils where other types of sprinklers might not work as well due to clogging issues caused by dust buildup within the nozzle system itself over time from repeated use during each season (especially if installed outdoors).

You can set up a Traveling Lawn Tractor Sprinkler for your grass and garden. Simply set up the hose along the desired path and turn on the tractor. The force of the water will pull the hose up behind the tractor and stop it when it reaches the desired end. You may have to experiment to find the best angle. Simply set the irrigation system and leave it to do its job. You can even get it to water your plants at night.


The ReelGreen Model RG25 Traveling Lawn Sprinkler can deliver between three and twelve gallons of water per minute and is compatible with standard garden hoses. The 165-foot poly hose can wet up to 90 feet of landscape. The sprinkler features a 3/4-HP Electric Booster Pump that boosts pressures to the maximum operating range. For maximum performance, the RG25 should be connected to a water source with an inlet pressure of 35 to 60 PSI.

The RG25 is a traveler that can reach any size lawn, ranging from one to two acres. Its 3.2-GPM capacity and 35-PSI pressure make it an ideal choice for flower gardens. The hose comes with 165 feet of hose for the sprinkler to cover the desired area. The sprinkler can add one-quarter inch of water to a flower garden.

Another good traveler is the Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler. This unit is easy to use and comes with impressive features. The Lawn Rescue Traveling Sprinkler is an excellent tractor sprinkler and is easy to operate and customizable. The Nelson 50970 Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler is also an excellent choice. The Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler comes with a wide range of features, including customizable attributes and adjustable water pressure.

The RG25 also comes with three-speed settings and adjustable spray arms. It can cover up to 13,500 square feet. Its two-speed gearbox makes it easy to control the water pressure. The system can water up to 45 feet and travel up to 200 feet. It requires a water pressure of 20 to 120 PSI. With these features, the Traveling Lawn Tractor Sprinkler RG25 is a great choice for watering a large lawn.

Watex WX44

The Watex WX44 walking lawn tractor sprinkler is a versatile tool that will water up to 13,500 square feet of lawn. It has adjustable spray heads and a worm gear inside the tractor body that helps move the sprinkler arms along the hose. This device is easy to use, and the two-speed gear system allows the user to control the amount of water that is sprayed. This feature is especially useful if you have uneven terrain on your property.

This self-propelling traveling lawn tractor sprinkler has a good design and a bright red color for high visibility. This machine works with water pressure and is perfect for areas without underground irrigation. The adjustable arms and a 13-inch nozzle allow it to cover a large area in two passes. It is easy to maneuver and comes almost fully assembled. The wheels are made of sturdy plastic that provides excellent traction.

The Watex WX44 traveling lawn tractor sprinkles feature a shut-off plate and three settings for the watering of your lawn. You can set the sprinkler on high, medium, or low speeds depending on your desired coverage. You can choose the neutral setting if you want to concentrate on a specific spot. Once finished watering, simply shut off the sprinkler to prevent any further damage. And the best part is that you can easily adjust the speed without worrying about over-watering your lawn.

The Watex WX44 traveling lawn tractor sprinkles are designed for extra-large lawn areas. It has an internal gearbox and two speeds. The nozzle can water up to 11,900 square feet. You can adjust the width of your hose according to the width of your lawn, and the sprinkler also has an auto shut-off feature to ensure that you don’t have to worry about running out of water before your desired coverage.

Among other options for traveling lawn tractor sprinklers, the Nelson Rain Prepare is one of the most popular. It features adjustable brass tips that can be easily adjusted to suit the size of your lawn. This sprinkler is suitable for large or small lawns and is especially helpful for areas with irregular terrains. The Nelson Rain Prepare traveling lawn tractor sprinkler is hydro-powered and comes with a two-year warranty. It has been tested to meet strict standards.

Orbit 58322

When it comes to watering your lawn, a traveling lawn tractor sprinkler is the perfect tool for the job. Its innovative design makes it a good choice for a variety of lawn sizes, and it comes with a 3-speed control. If your lawn is smaller than that, the sprinkler can be set to operate on a lower setting. It also has an auto-stop ramp that shuts off the sprinkler when the lawn tractor rolls to a stop. Despite its advanced design and great watering solutions, the Orbit 58322 is one of the best traveling lawn tractor sprinklers available on the market today.

One of the best things about this type of sprinkler is its ease of use. Setting it up is straightforward, and you can choose the watering solution that best matches your lawn’s needs. The sprinkler will move in specific directions, guided by a hose. Once it has reached its destination, it shuts off automatically. The Orbit 58322 traveling lawn tractor sprinkler is available for purchase on Amazon, but you can also find other great models on Reviewed.

This Orbit 58322 traveling lawn tractor sprinkles work on a variety of lawn types. The Watex WX44 travels easily through uneven terrain. Its body is made of heavy-duty cast iron for durability, and the heavy-duty wheels keep it firmly on the ground. The sprinkler can negate corners with ease, and it is easy to assemble and disassemble. The Orbit 58322 traveling lawn tractor sprinkler has a manual that you can download for free.

With three speed settings, the Orbit 58322 travels across your lawn at a speed of 37 feet. The low gear, on the other hand, travels at 21 feet per hour. In either mode, it applies an inch of water to the lawn. The sprinkler’s watering system will never run out. It’s made from cast iron and has a powder-coated finish, making it rust-proof and durable.

Watex RG25

The Watex RG25 Traveling LawnTractor Sprinkler is a self-propelled irrigation system that covers an area of up to 13,500 square feet. With its three adjustable nozzles, you can customize the sprinkler’s coverage patterns and intensity. The sprinkler requires between 35 and 60 PSI for optimal performance. Once you’ve finished your lawn watering, just turn off the sprinkler and let it dry.

The Watex RG25 Traveling LawnTractor Sprinkler is a self-propelled irrigation system that features adjustable spray arms and two-speed gears. The sprinkler can cover up to 13,500 square feet and travel for 200 feet. It can water up to 45 feet from a center point, making it the ideal lawn sprinkler for large lawns. In high gear, it moves at 37 feet per minute, while in low gear it applies only a half-inch of water.

This self-propelled irrigation system follows the path you create with your garden hose. It has a coverage area of 13,500 square feet and automatically shuts off when finished. Moreover, the wheels on this irrigation device have high traction for improved stability, making it safe to use even on slopes. These sprinklers use the laws of physics to deliver the water evenly and without leaving any part of the lawn unwatered.

The Watex RG25 Traveling LawnTractor Sprinkler is a high-quality irrigation system for any lawn. It is lightweight and easy to operate. Its compact size means it is easy to store and transport. Unlike a lawn sprinkler, it doesn’t require any installation, and it requires minimal labor to set up. You can use it for large lawns and commercial applications.

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