Trader Joe’s Macadamia Nuts Price

Savvy shoppers know where to scout out the best grocery deals. And, surprisingly, they’re usually not running to Trader Joe’s to find them. It’s no secret that Trader Joe’s carries many unique and specialty products, which also tend to be more expensive in price compared to the average grocery store. Since Trader Joe’s doesn’t offer sales or advertise special deals (beyond items highlighted in their Fearless Flyer), it’s hard to know whether you’re actually saving money.

As The Frugal Convert, I’m always looking for the best deals, wherever I shop. So I went on a shopping mission to my local Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles and started comparing prices to see where I could save the most money. I found that frugal shoppers shouldn’t give up on Joe just yet. Budget shoppers can still find deals at Trader Joe’s if they stick to common household goods. I was surprised to find several everyday products that were affordable at Trader Joe’s, and some items were even less expensive than if purchased at a discount store like Walmart or a local grocery store. (Prices may vary depending on location.)


Macadamia nuts are a nutrient-dense healthy snack, with delicious nutty and thick creamy flavor, roasted macadamia nuts are the ultimate nuts, and they are favored by all ages, shelled macadamia nuts are high-quality baking material in the kitchen and are widely used in many recipes. Our dry macadamia nuts are selected from high-quality nuts macadamia in shell, organically grown, pick after they naturally matured, and then roasted with no additives. The whole macadamia nuts with shell needs are unshelled by a special tool, enjoy the fun with your friends while you crack them.


ProductMacadamia Nuts
Shelf time180days
StoreStore in a cool dry place

Prices of Trader Joe’s Macadamia Nuts

$16.00-$19.00/ Kilogram

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