Riding lawn mowers are a great choice for anyone with a small yard. They’re easy to use and can make quick work of grass cutting. They’re also easier on the back than pushing a push mower around the yard.

Riding lawn mowers usually have an easy start engine, which means you don’t need to pull a cord to get the machine running. A mulching kit is also typically included with most models, so you can turn your clippings into fertilizer for your lawn or garden.

There are many different types of riding lawn mowers available today, including gas-powered and electric ones. You’ll also find some that allow you to swap out attachments like a sweeper or snow pusher depending on what season it is.

Top 10 Riding Lawn Mowers

We’ve rounded up the Top 10 Riding Lawn Mowers for 2018 for your consideration. From the Husqvarna Z242F to the Craftsman T110, these models all have something to offer. Each features a user-friendly control panel with buttons for forward, neutral, and reverse. The seat is also adjustable and the front bumper has LED lights.

Husqvarna Z242F

This Husqvarna Z200F riding lawn mower offers cutting-edge design and features. Heavy-duty fabricated decks and a Kawasaki engine provide power and quiet operation. An oil filter and pressure-lubricated system help reduce engine maintenance costs. This model is equipped with a belt-driven transmission and front-wheel drive for easy maneuverability and performance. Its easy-start feature ensures easy starting and starts quickly.

The Husqvarna Z242F is a good option for larger farms and lawns with a large grass area. Its 42-inch cutting deck allows you to complete a larger task in less time. The mower has a hydrostatic transmission and superior airflow that makes it ideal for various types of cutting conditions. It is also available with a bag, mulching, and discharge capability.

The Husqvarna Z242F has an outstanding reputation for durability, performance, and safety. It is a popular model that features a foot-activated deck lift system and a powerful 18-horsepower Kawasaki engine. The Z242F also has a 42-inch cutting deck and a vibration-isolated platform to reduce fatigue. The Husqvarna Z242F has many positive reviews and can be purchased from any home improvement store.

While riding lawn mowers are great for larger yards, their power needs to be considered. A mower with more horsepower will help cut through larger yards, so you should select one with at least 20 horsepower. Another important consideration is fuel capacity. A two-gallon tank should be enough to run through a full mow, but a larger landscape may require a larger capacity. This mower has a maximum speed of seven miles per hour.

Craftsman T110

The Craftsman T110 riding lawn mower is a powerful, front-engine mower that provides easy operation, power, and durability. The Craftsman T110 comes with a 42-inch steel cutting deck, a Briggs and Stratton single-cylinder engine, and a 7-speed transmission. The mower’s low-back seat makes it easy to work from while mowing the lawn. It also features professional mulching capabilities.

This model is a great choice for homeowners who are concerned with durability and budget. Its 42-inch cutting deck allows you to mow more lawn area in less time. Craftsman makes their mowers in the USA, and the machine is constructed of durable materials. Its seven-speed transmission delivers consistent power to the tires. The Craftsman T110 has a mulching kit that is available separately. This feature is not included with every Craftsman riding lawn mower.

Regular maintenance is important to keep your lawn mower in top shape. Check your air filter every so often, and replace it as needed. Also, make sure to clean your lawnmowers regularly, especially after the close of the season. Sharp blades are important for long, rust-free life, so sharpen them every 30-40 hours. Sharpen them once a season for optimal performance. While maintaining your lawnmower’s blades is a major hassle, you can avoid this by simply cleaning them regularly.

Ryobi YTH18542

The Ryobi YTH18542 is a top-of-the-line riding lawn mower with a 50-inch cutting deck, making it an ideal choice for yards ranging from half an acre to two acres. It comes with a standard side discharge chute and can be upgraded to include a bagger unit, mulching kit, haul-behind wagon, and a snow plow attachment.

The battery-powered Ryobi YTH18542 has a 50-hour run time and an 8-mph top speed. The unit is also very quiet, emitted at 70 dB, which is quiet for residential neighborhoods. It also features an easy-grip steering wheel, LED headlights, and a comfortable seat. The towing capacity is 350 pounds. The Ryobi YTH18542 riding lawn mower is priced at $699.

The YTH18542 features hydrostatic transmission for easy speed adjustment, a 16-inch turning radius, and cruise control. It comes with a 3-year warranty. It comes with a deck wash connection and a height adjustment range of 1.5 inches to four inches. The rider also has a mowing height adjustment, deck wash connection, and built-in headlights. You won’t be left guessing, thanks to the comfortable, ergonomic seat and handlebar.

The Ryobi YTH18542 is a great option for larger yards, as it boasts a low-sound, electric-operated drive. It also works on battery power, making it perfect for larger yards. For more comfortable mowing, make sure to purchase a riding mower that features a cup holder. Also, consider mulching options. Mulching options will ensure that clippings are retained and chopped finely.

Troy-Bilt TB30

The space-saving design of the compact TB30B riding lawn mower makes it ideal for smaller yards up to 1.5 acres. Its 10.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine provide plenty of power to cut your lawn and keep it looking beautiful. You can change gears with the Shift-on-the-Go transmission for quick and easy adjustments. This Troy-Bilt mower is also lightweight, with an easily manageable deck height of just over nine inches.

The TB30 is the most affordable riding lawn mower on the market and usually sells for under $1450. It has the same features as more expensive models, including a 3-82cc auto-choke engine and a six-speed manual transmission. Among these features are automatic cutting, side discharge, and mulching. You can also determine how easily your clippings will be bagged or disposed of when you are done with your job.

The TB30 isn’t the best riding lawn mower, but it is a solid machine for the money. Its compact design means that you won’t have to worry about a large cutting deck, which can be a big issue with some lawns. The overall build quality is average, though, and it comes with a mulch kit. However, it does lack some key features, such as automatic cutting and mulching.

The TB30 is a compact and powerful riding lawn mower that is designed to cut grass in small yards. It is ideal for yards up to 1.5 acres. Its powerful 10.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine provide enough power to keep your yard looking great. The Shift-on-the-Go transmission makes it easy to shift gears and maintain the yard. It even has a low-maintenance battery.

Poulan Pro 960420170

The Poulan Pro 960420170 riding yard mower comes with 4 cycles and a 2.5-gallon fuel tank. The mower also has a reinforced cutting deck and 20-inch rear tires. This makes it the perfect choice for medium-sized lawns and landscapes with relatively flat terrain. A few complaints about this lawnmower include transmission problems. If you have problems with your mower’s transmission, disconnect the battery cables and contact Poulan Pro.

This riding lawn mower has six cutting heights and a 6″ turning radius. It is designed to handle lawns with up to two acres. It also has anti-scalp deck wheels that reduce the risk of scalping on uneven terrain. The 20-inch rear tires have Turf Saver tread to help you maintain traction and prevent turf damage. Other convenient features include a cup holder and headlights.

This Poulan Pro 960420170 riding yard mower is an efficient way to get your lawn looking great. Its 42-inch cutting deck can cover a wide area, saving you time and effort. It also features mulching and bagging capabilities, a mid-back seat, and a Shift on the Go System to allow you to control the speed. A two-year limited warranty covers the blade.

This is an excellent riding lawn mower that will give you years of mowing. The 1.3-gallon fuel tank is perfect for small-to-medium lawns. It isn’t as powerful as more expensive lawn mowers, but it is ideal for domestic lawns with relatively flat terrain. A wide deck and a comfortable seat are important for cutting grass in the yard. This model also allows you to use a variety of Husqvarna accessories.

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