Oak is a great material for aquariums because it’s naturally resistant to moisture and rot, and it’s beautiful. This solid oak aquarium comes with a built-in cabinet that includes a door, so you can hide your fishy friends from prying eyes. A solid oak aquarium is made from one piece of wood, and this particular one has a beautiful finish that shows off the grain of the wood. The cabinet and door are also made from solid oak. The top of the tank is clear glass, so you can see your fish swimming around inside.

The bottom of the tank is lined with cork to protect your floors (and your feet). There are three holes in the side of the tank for easy access to water changes, cleaning or feeding. The Solid Oak Aquarium is a timeless piece of furniture that will be around for generations. We’ve used solid oak to create a sturdy and durable aquarium that can be passed down for years to come. It’s available in a variety of sizes and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This beautiful solid oak aquarium is perfect for any home. It features a high-quality glass tank, a black sand bottom, and a built-in pump. The stand is constructed from solid oak and includes a drip tray to prevent water from leaking onto the floor. This product comes with an air stone, an air pump and tubing, an air pump controller, a thermometer/hydrometer combo, an instruction manual and more.

Top Quality Products

When it comes to choosing the right material for your aquarium, one name stands out among the rest. With their impressive strength and natural beauty, our solid oak products are bar none the best choice for any discerning customer. We’re so confident in the quality of our product that we guarantee every tank is made from 100% oak wood. Every piece of wood used in our products is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to ensure that it was sourced from a sustainable forest. You deserve only the finest materials for your home, and with a Solid Oak Aquariums tank, you’re guaranteed a lifetime of satisfaction—for you, your family, and all those beautiful fishies too!

Free Aquarium Installation

We know how important your aquarium is, and we want to make sure we provide the best service. That’s why you can depend on our professionals to deliver, set up and install your aquarium right where you want it. We ensure that we create the best aquariums using the finest quality materials.

We make sure that we provide the best services so only the most experienced and skilled professionals will handle your aquarium. We guarantee that they will make sure that your aquarium is in perfect condition before they leave.

Unbeatable Prices

Solid Oak Aquarium is home to the biggest selection of aquariums in the UK. With that selection comes unbeatable prices, a price match guarantee, and free delivery over £99. If you’re thinking about buying an aquarium for your home or business, we’ve got everything you need to know about picking the right one.

We offer free help with installation and maintenance for the life of your purchase. So whether you’re buying a small tank for your child’s bedroom or a large feature fish tank for your office lobby, we’ve got everything covered.

Massive Selection of Products

Solid Oak Aquarium offers a wide variety of aquarium tanks, filters, lighting, and heating supplies for your fish. We also have a large selection of hard-to-find live plants as well as foods and decorations.


You can obtain a Solid Oak Aquarium for the following prices:

  • For $500.00, you can purchase a 4 ft. by 6 ft. aquarium with a maximum fill of 5 gallons. The aquarium will be contained within an oak frame and have oak leaf trim along the top edge of the frame.
  • For $4000, you can purchase a 8 ft. by 10 ft aquarium with a maximum fill of 45 gallons. The aquarium will be contained within an oak frame and have oak leaves etched into each corner of the frame.
  • For $25,000, you can purchase a 16 ft x 20 ft aquarium with a maximum fill of 110 gallons. The aquarium will be contained within an oak frame and have two finely carved mermaids on either side of the top edge of the frame.


Performing regular maintenance will keep your tank clean and running smoothly.

Cleaning the water on a regular basis is important because fish excrete waste, food particles can fall to the bottom of the tank, and algae has a tendency to grow on surfaces in the tank.

If too much debris builds up in your aquarium, it will create an ugly environment for your fish and cause them stress.

To perform regular maintenance:

  • Use an aquarium vacuum to remove debris from the substrate (sand or gravel). Move it around gently, as vacuuming too aggressively can damage plant roots or siphon out beneficial bacteria that helps break down waste.
  • Remove about 25% of the water in your tank with a bucket and refill it with treated tap water. It is important to use treated tapwater because chlorine can harm fish.

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