Small Feed Pellet Machine Price

The working theory of feed pellet machine is that granulation is pressed out from the die hole under the extrusion of the roller pressure, the pellets length can be conveniently adjusted, and various of additive drugs can be added in the processed feed pellets, and the surface of the processed granule is smooth and clean. The hardness is moderate and the internal ripening degree is deep. Dry in dry out, easy to seal and store, natural temperature to 70-80 degrees can kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, and ensure feed quality, can be used to raise rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, pigs, aquatic products, etc.

Generally and technically speaking the pellet mill unit will first convert the raw material into a powered form. Then resultant powder mixture is taken in the hopper of the animal feed pellets Machine. At is stage a high pressure is exerted on the material and because of the continuous rotating roller, the mixture passes through the holes in the die of the machine.Since the shape of the holes is cylindrical, the pellets will take the same shape. As the pellets will be coming out from the die, they are cut into the actual desired length. There some very major advantages that many farmers have linked these to products. Mentioning some of these may a good deal for all those pellet making individuals and anyone willing to start the same

Uses/benefits 0f Small Feed Pellet Machine:

1.Simple structure, wide adaptability, small floor space and low noise.
2. dry material processing, the production of feed pellets with high hardness, smooth surface, internal ripening, can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
3.During the production process, under the pressure of the machine itself, the starch in the feed can be matured to a certain extent, producing a strong aroma, and the feed texture is hard, conforming to the characteristics of the pig, cow and sheep, and improving the feed. The palatability is easy to eat.
4.easy to feed, high utilization, easy to control the amount of feeding, saving feed, clean and hygienic. Especially for fish farming, since the pellet feed dissolves slowly in water, it is not drowned by sediment, which reduces waste.

Features of Small Feed Pellet Machine:

  • Grindstone of granulator: 7 processing processes, such as forging, cutting, drilling, drilling, heat treatment and polishing, so the products can be produced faster and have longer life
  • The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, wide adaptability, small floor space and low noise.The compression roller and grinding disc is made of high-quality steel. Through high temperature quenching, it becomes better in resistance to wear and high temperature.
  • The machine is mainly suitable for the processing of rabbits, fish, ducks, chickens, shrimps, pigs, cattle, sheep and industrial pellets. Widely used in industrial, plastic pellets, organic fertilizer particles, wood pellets, etc.
  • By adjusting the compression ratio of the mold, the temperature of the granulation can be lowered, and granulation of low-temperature materials such as feed, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer can be produced. The granulated water is about 13%, and it does not need to cool down naturally.
  • The feed processed by the machine is smooth and has moderate hardness. The microorganism and parasite can be killed during the process by extrusion.The temperature change during the process is slight so the nutrition can be contained very well.The length of feed can be adjusted.

Specification of Small Feed Pellet Machine:

ModelCapacity(T/h)Power(KW)Pellet diameter(mm)
HY120P0.12.2 (4 level)3-8
HY150P0.25.5 (4 level)
HY200P0.2511 (6 level)
HY250P0.315 (6 level)
HY320P0.3522 (6 level)
HY350PWood pellets:0.3-0.4Feed pellets: 0.5-0.737 (6 level)
HY450PWood pellets:0.5-0.6Feed pellets: 0.8-1.045 (6 level)
HY550PWood pellets:0.7-0.8Feed pellets: 1.0-1.555 (4 level)4-12

Prices of Small Feed Pellet Machine:

$1,439.00 – $5,959.00

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