The Simplicity Walk Behind Tractor Sickle Mower is a great option for those looking to mow their lawns with an old-fashioned charm. This mower can be used on any type of terrain and features a durable steel frame and strong steel blades. It’s also easy to maneuver, so you won’t have any trouble getting it through tight spaces or around obstacles.

The Simplicity Walk Behind Tractor Sickle Mower is a powerful, compact, and lightweight tractor sickle mower that is perfect for small to mid-sized farms or acreage.

The Simplicity Walk Behind Tractor Sickle Mower features a hydrostatic transmission with infinite forward and reverse speeds. It also has a gearbox with eight forward and four reverse gears, allowing you to shift into any gear while moving or stopped.

Before you purchase a Tractor Sickle Mower, consider the equipment you need. We’ll look at power, features, and cost. Then, we’ll cover how to use it. And, as a bonus, we’ll discuss how to save money by buying a less expensive model. You’ll be much happier with the result. So, get started by checking out our comparison chart.

Equipment for Tractor Sickle Mower

A walk behind tractor sickle mower is a great tool for cutting grass. These machines have multiple blades and are designed to cut down thick brush and woody shrubs. Because of their wide blades, they can reach vegetation under fences, go over ponds, and more. And since they are lightweight, they are also a convenient addition to many other yard equipment. Whether you want to mow your entire yard or only a small patch, these machines can do the job well.

The size of your lawn will determine which type of sickle mower you need. Single action models have fingers, which may break. Dual-action models have self-adjusting tensioners and wider wheelbases. The width of the sickle bar varies, but the bar is typically six feet or more. This equipment is ideal for smaller acreages, as it will take far less time than other options. However, a dual-action or double action mower will reduce the risk of operator injury and increase the speed of mowing.

A double-action cutter bar is the best choice for large acreages. These models offer increased comfort and speed, enabling them to cut larger areas with minimal fuel usage. And, unlike rotary mowers, they run at half or even higher engine speed, which saves both fuel and maintenance costs. All Double-action and other types of mowers feature oil-bath drive units. For maximum convenience and efficiency, it is recommended to buy one that comes with an extra-wide cutting deck.


The Simplicity Walk Behind Tractor has been around for more than a century, and its history is full of innovation. The company was founded in 1922 and started producing industrial machinery used in car and truck engines. The company continued to develop products during its centennial, including a patented suspension system for maneuverability around tricky landscape features. Despite its small size, the Simplicity Walk Behind Tractor is able to work with heavy attachments, including a sickle mower, for cutting grass, mowing, and mulching.

The company is a part of the Briggs & Stratton Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of gasoline-powered engines and outdoor power equipment. This acquisition has made Simplicity a leader in the lawn and garden industry. With these products, homeowners can easily tackle tough lawns. They can also use the same machines for landscaping projects. The company also manufactures a line of professional lawn equipment.

Simplicity Walk Behind Tractor Sickle Mowed is one of the many models made by the company. Its model VA debuted in 1954 and continued to be produced until 1957. The model featured a Briggs and Stratton model 14 engine with three forward and one reverse speed. In 1958, Simplicity also introduced a six-hp. four-wheel garden tractor. In 1959, it also produced a seven-horsepower four-wheel riding tractor and a six-horsepower lawn tractor. Throughout the 1920s, the company continued to produce both two-wheel and three-wheel farm tractors.

Another Simplicity Walk Behind Tractor Sickle Mowed is the SYT410. The 122cm-wide mower deck is attached to a pivoting front axle for easy maneuverability. The blades follow subtle undulations in the lawn, which reduces the chance of missed patches and unsightly scalping. It also has a wide wooden roller and a smooth foot pedal for smooth acceleration and deceleration. Lastly, the Simplicity Walk Behind Tractor Sickle Mowed is compatible with leaf mulchers.


A sizable chunk of the cost of a Simplicity walk behind tractor sickle mower can be attributed to the company’s recent acquisition of Ferris Industries. Founded in Munnsville, New York in 1909, Ferris Industries produced a variety of lawn and garden equipment. Originally, the company made milking machines and then commercial mowers. As the company expanded its product line, it included new innovations like a suspension system.

The Simplicity brand first began producing products in the 1930s. Its first product was a portable cylinder-boring machine that became extremely popular during the Great Depression. It was only in 1936 that Detroit automakers began rebuilding cars and trucks and selling them rebuilt engines. In the 1960s, the company was acquired by Allis-Chalmers and continued to develop outdoor equipment under the name of Montgomery Ward.

The Simplicity walk behind tractor came with a variety of attachments. Its sickle-bar mower and belly mower were popular, and many models included a loader. Simplicity’s silliest offerings drew the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike. However, the Simplicity walk behind tractor sickle mower is expensive, so the manufacturer recommends a buyer spend at least half of his or her budget on an oversized, luxurious model.

The Simplicity walk behind tractor is priced at around $550, and you can save hundreds of dollars compared to a traditional manual garden mower. The Simplicity brand was originally a name for gasoline-powered generators, but by the turn of the century, it had expanded to farm tractors and internal combustion engines. By the end of the decade, the company was a multimillion-dollar enterprise. It was popular in supermarkets and lawn care shops all across the US.


When considering a new sickle mower, consider the power of the Simplicity Walk Behind Tractor Sickle. This device is designed to make mowing your lawn a breeze, while also delivering impressive results. The Simplicity walking tractor is equipped with a number of attachments, including a plow, cultivator, and sickle bar mower. The sulky attachment allows you to turn the walker into a basic riding garden tractor.

The original power of the walk behind the tractor sickle mower began in Italy, where it was developed. It revolutionized small-scale hay harvesting in Italy and across Europe. The first models came with a gasoline engine and manual transmission, which allowed the operator to adjust the throttle without removing his foot from the controls. In addition to saving on maintenance costs, the slick lever also allows the user to change the height of the blade with the push of a button.

The Simplicity Walking Tractor is easy to maneuver, with three forward speeds and one reverse speed. The manufacturer designed the Tractor to be versatile, so it’s also easy to purchase attachments for it. Its front-end loader can lift up to 1,000 pounds of material, and it can also be attached to a tiller or a plow. These additional tools can increase the utility of your Simplicity Walking Tractor, making it a versatile machine that can meet many of your needs.

The Simplicity Walk Behind Tractor Sickle mower is made with a high-quality steel frame and is built with quality components. The Power of Simplicity Walk Behind Tractor Sickle Mower is a popular garden tractor for homeowners. It offers a smooth-cutting motion for all kinds of grass. Simplicity also sells many different accessories to increase its versatility. One of these attachments is the Simplicity Snow-Away.

Height-adjustable sickle bar

The height-adjustable sickle bar on a Simplicity walk behind tractor sickle mower allows you to cut at an angle, thereby saving you time and fuel. Unlike conventional mowers, it uses a much smaller engine, making it ideal for commercial operations. The model’s oil-bath transmission provides smoother operation and a longer service life. Its height-adjustable sickle bar can be adjusted 3′ off the ground, and the cutting unit can be positioned up to 51″ wide. It can also cut material up to 1.5″ thick, and its cutting unit has a three-inch depth adjustment range.

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