Seedco Maize Seed Prices

SeedCo Nigeria is a joint venture seed company between Seed Co West Africa Limited and SARO Agrosciences Nigeria Limited that commenced operations in Nigeria in 2014.
The company was saddled with the responsibility of revolutionizing the maize value chain by producing high-yielding hybrid maize varieties in Nigeria. It’s our vision to be the dominant and distinct hybrid maize producer and pacesetter in seed innovation in the country. To achieve this, we will be the leader in the market share of the hybrid seed industry, lead in innovation for yield enhancements and become a known brand for farmers in the country

Long cob, long season variety and lodgingTolerant as well as tolerant to most maize diseasesSuited to Northern and Southern Guinea savannah We sell Seed Co Maize Seeds (SC 719 variety) which is late maturity maize hybrid seeds with many desirable characteristics for profitable and bountiful production.

  • This maize seed variety is resistant to many diseases affecting maize plantation.
  • It possesses white grain with semi dent characteristics.
  • They are packaged in 2 kg bags.

characteristics of Seedco Maize Seed

  • High grain yield, tolerant to Maize Streak Virus and grey leaf spot.
  • White grain with semi dent characteristics.
  • Late maturing variety  (135 – 150 days).
  • High yielder 12.5 – 14 tons per hectare (50 – 56 bags of 100kg per acre).
  • Tall and large plant structure, late maturity, excellent lodging tolerance, early vigour, and high grain yield make it an ideal choice for Sillage.
  • Resistance to Gray Leaf Spot Maize Streak Viruses (MSV) and Mottle Viruses.
  • Outstanding tolerance to  Northern Corn Leaf Spot and Phaeosphaerial Leaf  Spot disease.
  • Excellent resistance to both stalk and root lodging.

Uses/benefits of Seedco Maize Seed

  • The high amount of fibre present in corn helps lower cholesterol levels and also reduces the risk of colon cancer.
  • Corn, if consumed in moderate quantities, has been seen to be beneficial for those suffering from diabetes.
  • Being rich in folate, corn helps the generation of new cells, especially important before and during pregnancy.
  • Those suffering from anaemia have shown positive effects after consuming corn.
  • The pantothenic acid present in corn helps the physiological functions of the body.
  • Owing to the presence of thiamin, corn has been said to help in the metabolism of carbohydrates.
  • Corn has been found to be helpful in treating kidney problems, including renal dysfunction.
  • Regular consumption of corn, in moderate quantities, has been associated with better cardiovascular health.
  • The beta-cryptoxanthin in corn makes it good for the health of the lungs cryptoxanthin and may even help prevent lung cancer.
  • The insoluble fibre in corn makes it good for those suffering from common digestive ailments, like constipation and hemorrhoids.

Prices of Seedco Maize Seed

$12.00-$45.00/ Bag

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