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This breed finds its origin in the historic Saanenland region in Western Switzerland. Switzerland is widely regarded as the cradle of modern goat breeding and is the largest producer of goat milk in the world. Their goats are well looked after and some of the finest breeds in the world. Their milk is unparalleled. Saanens were always a popular breed because of their productivity and were shipped all over the world. They first arrived in America in 1904. A few prize heads were imported by way of Canada over a few years and these goats went to different farmers. Only a few of these goats were a prime example of the breed and as a result a few lesser breeds developed.

As their popularity grew, so did the demand for purebred Saanens. These Saanens were carefully bred and exported all over the world, including America. Many American farms began using these goats to breed and found that their milk was superior. Farmers were careful when breeding with their Saanens and now you can find high-quality Saanen goats around the country. Saanens have a legacy of excellence and hard work. They are one of the best dairy breeds in the world and are only rivalled by Alpines when it comes to productivity.


Saanen goats are a special breed that come all the way from Europe. They are a unique type of goat that has a rich and diverse history. What are they used for? What are some good breeding tips and how should they be raised? The answers to these questions differ from breed to breed, which is what makes them special, after all. Before you decide to buy a dairy goat, look at what the Saanen goat has to offer. Once you have made up your mind and done your research, you will also know how to look after your new goat.

The Saanen Goat are large in size with straight nose and erect ears pointed forward and upward. The body has a good dairy conformation and the udder is well developed. It is known as milk queen of the goat world. There appears to be a tendency for them to be sensitive to strong sunlight and thus it needed to shade them and provide indoor management. Average live weight 55-70 kg. Country of Origin: Originated in West and North-West Switzerland. Height at withers (males & females) (cm.) 75 to 90 Average Daily Milk Yield in the Tropics (kg.) : 1.0 to 3.0 with a fat % of 3.5. Color and Horn Character : White to biscuit in color with black spots on the nose, ears, and udder. The breed is polled.


hey are rugged, vigorous animals that are full of energy and need plenty of space to roam about. Does are very feminine and they should never have coarse hair. Their hair tends to be short and fine, although fringes along the spine and thighs are not uncommon. Saanens are either white or light cream; spots on the skin are not a problem but spots on the fur is not ideal. Their fair skin and hair means that they do not do well in hot climates. They are extremely sensitive to sunlight and will perform better in cooler climates. If you buy one of these goats, the provision of shade is absolutely vital.

Their ears should always be straight, alert and preferably pointing forward. Their faces are usually straight or dished, it does not matter. A Roman nose or tendency towards a Roman nose is not a good thing and is generally looked down on. Saanens are bred all around the world, so this has led to a few sub-breeds that have formed over the years. A true Saanen goat will always be white or light cream with few to no spots on the fur.


You could call the Saanen goat the best of the best. Their average milk yield is about 838 kg. in a lactation of 264 days. Their milk has a minimum of 3.2% fat and 2.7% protein. Their milk is used for the usual dairy products including milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream and sometimes even soap. Their milk is rich in nutrients and is known for having many health benefits. It has all the usual benefits of typical goat milk that has made the milk so popular. Goat milk is surprisingly close to human milk in its enzymatic composition which means that we get more out of it.

The health benefits are astonishing, which makes it no surprise that there is a rise in the demand for goat milk. If you are contemplating buying a goat, you need to ask yourself what these goats will do for you: if you want a goat for show, for meat or for dairy. The Saanen goat is the perfect dairy goat because of its productivity. This would be a good place to start dairy goat farming. 

Saanen Goat Price


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