Ruddweigh Sheep Scales

The Rudd / Gallagher Smart Scale indicator range is now the most advanced on the market, with a strengthened robust design, backlit screens, Bluetooth wireless connections and a host of extra features to make weighing sessions hassle free. We now have a range of four models covering non-EID entry level (W210) through to the complete livestock manager (TSI) ensuring we have the right solution for your farm.

The SMART Scale range of indicators is simple, tough, innovative and reliable, and provides consistently accurate readings. Our scale is 99% accurate – we allow a 1% error margin for the movement of the animal on the scale. The indicator housing is “dust & water proof”, UV stabilised and has an internal battery, which gives about 8 hours of weighing per session. The scale can also work from 220V and 12V power. It has a large digital display, which is easy to read from a distance of about 5 – 6m.

Features of Ruddweigh Sheep Scales:

  • Rapid, accurate, automatic weight capture.
  • Full colour, outdoor readable, touch screen with large touch buttons.
  • Bluetooth wireless connection for EID readers and drafters.
  • Speech function delivers audible animal information for hands free operation.
  • Entire life history of all animals stored for on-farm viewing – over one million animal records can be stored.
  • Provides immediate access to detailed animal information, anywhere, at any time – in the yard or office, or anywhere on the farm.
  • Easily customise weighing and data recording sessions to automatically collect specific animal ID, traits, activities, notes and life data.
  • Dose Calculation: Immediately calculate the exact dose for each animal based on live weight.
  • Record observations or future actions required for specific animals, i.e. withholding periods.
  • Press the ‘Activity’ button in the TSi 2’s History Menu to display all previous activities for the animal.
  • Draft by weight, EID nr. or any other user-defined rule.
  • Simple weight and average daily weight gain (ADG – kilogram per day) statistics by management group are available at the touch of a button.
  • Regularly measure and track your animals’ live weights and performance individually or by group / mob.
  • Award-winning Animal Performance Systems Software (APS) with yard and office mode.
  • Exporting and importing information to and from other computer and software systems is simple and TSi Data can be emailed as a file.

Uses/benefits of Ruddweigh Sheep Scales:

Select animals by weight for sale and slaughter

– Measure feed conversion to maximise yield by monitoring weight gain over time

– Monitor animal health

– Reach animal weights prior to mating for better reproduction rates

– Determine weaning weights

– Evaluate animal breeding performance for genetic selection

Specification of Ruddweigh Sheep Scales:

ModelWeighing specificationsWeighing platform size (m)Weighing moduleNumber of sensorsDivision value

Prices of Ruddweigh Sheep Scales:

$500.00 – $1,500.00

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