Rich Valley Walnut Price

There is a reason Chilean Walnuts are a premium category of Walnuts. Not only it has a better flavour, freshness and better colour, it also has immense health benefits compared to other types of Walnuts. The Rich Valley Chilean Walnuts are the best Healthy Snack that not only improves your skin and reduces risk of heart diseases, it also aids in strengthening the bone health and in evolving the cognitive abilities of a human brain.Now that you know why our Premium Chilean Walnuts are people’s favourite, what are you waiting for? Get your pack of premium inshell Chilean Walnuts today!


Walnut is named as the King of the nuts because of its Taste and Health Benefits. And Rich Valley California Walnut is the King of the Kings! Bringing the best of the Walnuts in its pure natural state for you to consume, Rich Valley Walnuts are the epitome of Taste and Nutrients. Walnut is consumed for a healthy gut, management of Type 2 Diabetes and as the super plant source of Omega 3s Fatty Acid. Our Californian Walnuts are the perfect combination of healthy fibres, anti-oxidants, heart healthy fats and proteins. It also decreases the skin inflammation and plays a vital role in protecting your skin against UV Rays. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your packed of Goodness today.

Features of Rich Valley Walnut

  • Good for heart
  • 0% cholesterol

Product Specification

Shelf Life1 Year
BrandRich Valley
Packaging Size1kg
Packaging TypeBox
Storage InstructionStore In Cold And Hygienic Place
Is It DriedDried
Minimum Order Quantity500 Box

Prices of Rich Valley Walnut

$1.40-$2.80/ Kilogram

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