Red Banana Price

Enhance breakfast and baking dishes by incorporating fresh Banana Fruit into family-favorite recipes. Each banana is a versatile fruit that’s packed with potassium and dietary fiber to help maintain a balanced and nutritional diet. They’re essential to a wealth of traditional recipes, as well as a healthy, easy snack the entire family will enjoy. Their soft, ripened fruit is a favorite of all ages and offers a sweet and delicious bite that makes a tasty smoothie and snack addition. Raw bananas have a universal use that complements many flavors and can easily add a different and delicious dimension to ice cream and dessert treats.

  • Standing apart from the common varieties of yellow bananas, Red bananas are short, plump and reddish-purple in colour.
  • Even the flesh is light pink and sweeter compared to other varieties. They are high in nutrients and are freshly procured from the farmers.
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  • It is a popular commercial cultivation processing purpose of india and other country, it is also popular in tamilnadu leading commercial variety

Benefits of Red Banana

  • Red bananas are a great source of fiber and eases digestion. It prevents kidney stones and cures heart burns and piles.
  • It also aids in weight loss. People who eat this often tend to quit smoking. It reduces the side effects caused by sudden cessation of smoking.
  • This variety of bananas are exceptionally rich in vitamin C.

Storage and Uses

  • Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Red bananas develop black spots on the outer skin when fully ripe. Eat them only when fully ripe as unripe red bananas taste like dry, chalky starch.
  • Slice them onto pancakes or add to fruit salads. Red bananas are a preferred baking variety for both desserts and semi-savory dishes.

Features of Red Banana

Excellent taste
Rich flavor
Optimum freshness

Product Specification

Packaging Size10 Kg, 20 Kg, 50 Kg,100 Kg
Quality AvailableA Grade
Packaging TypeCarton,Net Bag,Crate
Variety AvailableBanana
Minimum Order Quantity100 Kilogram

Prices of Red Banana

$150.00-$200.00/ Metric Ton

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