Rathi Cow Milk Price

We are famous amongst our customers as a trustworthy organization engaged in offering Rathi Cow. Having brown and white marking on whole body, offered cow is very easy to recognize. Provided cow is very well-balanced in build with good hooves and limbs. The offered cow is highly admired among clients for its high life expectancy and it is known to produce healthy calves. Provided cow gives milk that is sweeter and tastier to drink. This cow produces milk which contains high nutrients such as calcium, protein and carbohydrate which is very essential for human body. Apart from this, offered Rathi Cow has excellent breeding capabilities and free from any disease.

  • Height0-5ft, 5.5ft
  • BreedRathi
  • ColorBrown, White
  • FeatureMilking Capacity 30-40 Liters/Day
  • ApplicationDairy Use, Farming Use
  • TypeCattles


Mostly found in the regions of Rajasthan, the Rathi cow takes due credit for being positioned as an essential milch cattle breed. We have been supplying prime-quality Rathi cows since 1960 in all parts of Tamil Nadu. Quite Rathi cows are quite famous nationwide for functioning as the paramount source of livelihood for the farmers. Our offered Rathi cows are characterized by its white and brown patches all across its body. We only supply good-milk yielding Rathi cows, which produces something around 1062 to 2810 kilograms of milk. The Rathi cows that we sourced from the arid regions of Rajasthan. We are one of the most reliable suppliers of Rathi cows in Tamil Nadu, which takes care of their timely vaccination nourishment.


Our transparent business dealings, ethical practices, and a good reputation as a supplier of Rathi cow are what made us lead the market of Rathi cows. Each of our cows goes through stringent quality checks but our proficient team of experts, before being handed down to you.
Tick Resistant Rathi Cows: We have been living our age-old dream of dominating the dairy industry in India since 1960, due to our commitment of offering you with good-quality Rathi cows. We have dedicated a team of our experts to look into our cows and feeding them. Having established our presence in the dairy industry as the most trusted supplier of Rathi cows, we have always supplied parasite and tick resistant cows that are also resistant to droughts. Turn to us for quality-breed Rathi cows at a good price.

Features of Rathi Cow

Later this milk is cultured for 10 to 12 hours to obtain curd. Hitesh Rathi, founder of India’s first camel-milk products company Aadvik Foods, is also planning to enter the sector. From this, milk can be obtained from 6 to 8 litres daily. The lactation milk yield ranges from 1062 to 2810 Kg. Call +91-8046025140. Desi Cow Milk… about us Fat Cow Dairy is an initiative by two brothers; Pradyumna and Pragyan Damani to set up a fully self-sustaining farm centered on the dairy farming aspect of agriculture. Average milk yield of the breed is 546 Kg per lactation (ranging from 194 to 1100 Kg) with 5% average milk fat.

This breed of cow is known for its high milk production. This process heats the milk to a high temperature for a short time and quickly cools it before bottling / packaging that kills illnesss causing bacteria without affecting the nutritional value of the milk. This breed of cow is known for its high milk production. And the combination of this type of milk with old traditional method(Bilona), of preparing ghee, makes a ghee which is not good but excellent in quality, aroma, Taste and also activates ayurvedic medicinal properties in the ghee, transforming it into a veritable superfood!. Dear Cows Desi Cow Milk is available at Rs. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The lactation milk yield ranges from 1062 to 2810 Kg. 5.3 Bn. It bull may weigh 600 to 700 kg. 33/- for 500 ml. We provide an option of fresh and pure cow’s milk which is pasteurised.

Rathi Cow Milk Price


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