Qurbani Bakra Price

A lot of hard work has been put in to earn customer trust by ensuring that they are getting a great goat for breeding. We at the farm have been able to successfully blend, technology in traditional goat farming. We have always had a passion for farming and we strongly believe that we can make a big difference in goat farming in India. We are currently focussing on developing new products like flavored goat milk, goat milk curd, and other varieties of goat milk cheese.Our heartiest greetings and welcome to the one and only place of its type in entire India.


Khassi bakra for qurbani, delivery by train all over India, single pcs will also be delivered All type of male khassi and andul goats available for qurbani in mumbai.  The animals to be slaughtered at Qurban are goats, sheep, cattle (cows or bulls), buffalo or camels. According to the rules of Qurbani, they can be male or female, but should be in good health, free from disability or handicap, and above a certain age. Goats and sheep must be at least one year old, while cattle must be two years, and camels five years.

 This is also known as Qurbani or sacrifice. It is Wajib upon all mature Muslims who, on the day of `Eid al-Azha, possess Nisab. Whoever qualifies for this is required to purchase a sheep or goat of more than one year in age, and slaughter that in the name of Allah after the `Eid prayer preferably on the same day. The sacrifice can also be done on the two days after Eid. If one fails to make the sacrifice in these three days he will still have to donate the value of the animal (this remains Wajib).


Similar to beef in texture and taste,. goat price are much like a lean steak. They don’t shrink during cooking and are incredibly rich in iron which can help reduce fat and cholesterol levels. Many people are substituting poultry and other meats in their diets for these products .These items can be used in many different recipes, and the meats absorb seasoning and marinades quickly and easily.  

These. goat price are a very lean meat, so it takes care to not overcook the cuts. Experts recommend that they are cooked medium-rare to medium as a premium steak would be cooked. Products such as these are very low in calories, fat and cholesterol and are high in proteins and iron. Due to the ideal pH balance of these items, the meats won’t attract harmful bacteria like salmonella and E.coli, making these a healthy and tasty option.

Product Specification

Life Span11
Age Group12 months +
KurbaniKassi Bakra for Eid kurbani

Qurbani Bakra Price

$142,25  – $220.00

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