Purevax Feline 4

PUREVAX® Feline 4 contains a lyophilized suspension of modified live feline rhinotracheitis, calici, and panleukopenia viruses and Chlamydia psittaci, each propagated in a stable cell line, plus sterile water diluent. Safety and immunogenicity of this product have been demonstrated by vaccination and challenge tests in susceptible cats. PUREVAX feline vaccines help protect cats against a number of diseases, including rabies, feline leukemia virus (FeLV), panleukopenia, and pathogens that commonly cause respiratory disease in cats. The family of PUREVAX vaccines induce an effective immune response without the use of adjuvants that can present potential risks to cats.

Features of Purevax Feline 4

  • The only complete line of nonadjuvanted feline vaccines now offers half-mL doses.
  • It’s the same level of safety, purity, and proven protection that you trust from the leading line of feline vaccines.
  • PUREVAX brand offers the first and only half-mL feline rabies vaccines (in both 1- and 3-year duration of immunity) and feline rabies combination vaccines with Feline 3 (RCP) and Feline 4 (RCCP).
  • PUREVAX brand offers the first and only half-mL recombinant canarypox-vectored nonadjuvanted Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) vaccine.

Benefits of Purevax Feline 4

PUREVAX® is the only fully adjuvant-free feline vaccine range and provides:

  • Optimised safety profile with adjuvant-free protection for all components;
  • Powerful immune response without adjuvant, thanks to its innovative canarypox technology for FeLV and rabies;
  • An easy fit to all cat lifestyles, allowing compliance with feline vaccination guidelines;
  • Sustained protection up to three years for the rabies component.


 PUREVAX® Feline 4 is recommended for the vaccination of healthy cats 6 weeks of age and older for prevention of disease due to feline rhinotracheitis, calici, and panleukopenia viruses and as an aid in the reduction of disease due to Chlamydia psittaci.


Reconstitute the lyophilized vaccine with accompanying liquid diluent and aseptically inject 1 ml (1 dose) subcutaneously or intramuscularly into healthy cats. For primary vaccination, revaccinate with a second 1 ml dose 3 to 4 weeks later. Cats younger than 12 weeks of age should be revaccinated with a single 1 ml dose every 3 to 4, the last dose given at or over 12 weeks of age. Revaccinate annually with a single 1 ml dose.


Store at 2-7°C (35-45°F). Use immediately after reconstitution. Do not use chemicals to sterilize syringes and needles. Burn the container and all unused contents. Contains gentamicin as a preservative. Do not vaccinate pregnant cats. In rare instances, administration of vaccines may cause lethargy, fever, and inflammatory or hypersensitivity types of reactions. Treatment may include antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, and/or epinephrine.

Prices of Purevax Feline 4

$15.55 -$216.99

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