Prrs Vaccine For Pigs

The modified-live virus (MLV) vaccine, which is registered for use in the EU countries, is based on a European PRRS virus strain (PRRSV-1, previously Genotype 1). Causing a host of reproductive issues in sows — including low birth rates, decreased milk yields and increased abortions and stillbirths — the virus is also associated with illness and increased mortality in young pigs, as well as respiratory problems, secondary infections and reduced performance in growers and finishers.

To protect herds from PRRS, producers have traditionally vaccinated pigs around 3 to 4 weeks of age, when maternal antibodies are typically low enough not to interfere with the vaccine’s ability to trigger the desired immune response. However, recent studies show that the new MLV vaccine can overcome maternal immunity when given at 1 day of age, providing earlier immune protection that lasts until slaughter.


For porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus-positive herds, look to Fostera® PRRS to help provide whole-herd protection against both the respiratory and reproductive forms of disease caused by PRRS virus. It’s the first and only modified-live virus (MLV) vaccine that’s licensed for the vaccination of healthy, susceptible swine 1 day of age or older meaning you can truly protect your herd from start to finish.

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Features of Prrs Vaccine For Pigs

Ingelvac PRRS® MLV, a leading modified-live PRRS vaccine, has been trusted for over 20 years to protect the swine industry against respiratory and reproductive symptoms of PRRSv.

Ingelvac PRRS® MLV is a modified-live PRRS vaccine that is proven safe in pigs as well as gilts and sows at any stage of production in PRRS positive herds. It provides cross protection against heterologous challenge; (including Lelystad virus) and has shown to significantly reduce reproductive failure and respiratory disease due to PRRS virus. 1,2

  • Trusted and field proven
  • Cost effective
  • Unique in its ability to be used in pigs (3 weeks or older), gilts, and sows at ANY stage of production
  • Available in three convenient sizes (10, 50, and 250 dose)
  • Safe in pigs, gilts and sows at any stage of production.
  • Aids in the prevention of respiratory disease and aids in the reduction of reproductive disease caused by PRRS virus.
  • Proven cross protection against heterologous challenge; (including Lelystad virus).
  • Easy to use, cost effective and field proven against respiratory and reproductive forms of PRRS Virus.
  • Convenience of 10, 50 and 250 dose presentations.

Benefits of Prrs Vaccine For Pigs

  • Long-lasting immunity. Duration of immunity is at least 4 months.
  • Whole herd or population based PRRS control program advantages.
  • Significantly reduces reproductive failure due to PRRS virus.
  • Gilt stabilization/acclimatization program advantages.


  • Whole herd or population based PRRS control programs.
  • Replacement gilt immunizationand preparation.
  • Reproductive maintenance vaccination program in sows.
  • Administration in growing pigs to aid in prevention of respiratory disease

Prices of Prrs Vaccine For Pigs

$150.00-$200.00/ Unit

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