Price Of Holland Lop Bunny

Holland Lop bunnies are not your common bunnies. They supposedly have the sweetest character and the very best personalities, according to their owners. Truthfully speaking, they are so lovable and adorable that they even take pleasure in getting belly rubs like a pet dog or a cat. Holland Lop bunnies are not your ordinary rabbits.  They reportedly have the sweetest personality and the best temperaments, according to their owners.  In fact, they are so personable and lovable that they even enjoy when you rub their bellies like a dog or cat.

Having a gentle temperament and being easier to handle than many other rabbit breeds, the Holland Lops are great pets. But, trying to find Holland Lop bunnies for sale can be very difficult. It’s ironic, I know. Because Holland Lops have become more and more popular over the years. Thanks in part to social media, but probably all credit goes to their impossibly adorable lop eared look! This is why we created this article – to help you buy or adopt a Holland Lop bunny only from the best breeders in US.


As the name indicates, the Holland Lop breed originated in the Netherlands in the 1950s. Adriann de Cock was a Dutch breeder wanting to mix the qualities of the Netherlands Dwarf and the French Lop. This first litter did not produce the desired results, but rather rabbits with erect ears, unlike the droopy ears we see today. De Cock tried again in 1952 breeding a doe and an English Lop buck, and after a few litters, the Holland Lop appeared with those characteristic floppy ears. In 1964, the breed Holland Lop was officially recognized by the Netherlands’ Governing Rabbit Council, and in 1976, it was also recognized by the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association.


The Holland Lop’s Appearance

Due to its size, the Holland Lop is classified as a Dwarf rabbit. It is ideal for smaller homes and locations and only weights between 2 and 4 pounds. It’s lifespan ranges from 7-to-14 years. Their temperament is known to be mild, cuddly, and full of energy. Comparable breeds include the Netherland Dwarf rabbit and the French Lop.

Holland Lop Temperament

The best thing for a Holland Lop’s temperament and behavior is for them to get enough time outside of their enclosures. If your rabbit has to be kept indoors, it should still be let out of its hutch to roam so it can stretch its legs and avoid cramped muscle and leg issues, as well as getting some sun and affection from their owners.

Holland Lops are known as active bunnies that love to spend time outdoors in warm weather. If your yard is open, consider an exercise pen to give them a better quality of life. Your rabbit’s temperament will be much happier if their outdoor and exercise needs are being met.

Holland Lop Size

The Holland Lop has a wide and short body-type, giving them their compact shape. They are known to sit like a cat resting on their hind legs more so than their front. Their are best known for their furry floppy ears.

Holland Lop Coat

Holland Lop’s coats are coarse and medium in length. Their coat is very low maintenance as it does not require much grooming; weekly or bi-weekly brushings will suffice. In spring time, they start to shed a little more, but brushing slightly more often will more than take care of any extra hair loss.

Holland Lop Colors

The Holland Lop is divided into two main classifications: solid and broken (patchy colors). Some of the Holland Lop color options include chinchilla, tortoise, seal, sable, smoke pearl, cream, fawn, frosty, orange, red and chestnut.

Holland Lop Care and Diet

Holland Lops are known for their low maintenance, and their compact size makes them that much easier as they don’t take up much space indoors or outdoors. Two of the most important aspects of their care include diet and indoor/outdoor time.

An ideal rabbit’s diet contains a balance of 70-percent hay, and the other 30 percent is a mix of fruits, leafy greens, veggies, and pellets.

Holland Lop Health

Holland Lops are not particularly susceptible to hereditary health issues, so a few maintenance routines will ensure your rabbit has a long and healthy life.

Price Of Holland Lop Bunny

$35.00 –  $250.00 

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