Poultry Vaccines Prices

The cost of different vaccines depends largely on the dosages. Different dosages have different prices. Poultry vaccination is a very important program that no farmer would want to neglect. Without proper vaccination, no birds would do well. The farmer will surely lose all his birds if not vaccinated. Proper vaccination increases the performance of the poultry birds. Below are the different types of vaccines in poultry

Newcastle and avian flu virus consider two of the main avian plagues, which can destroy not only chicken industries but also birds industries and alter the bird eco-system. The main problem with both virus, they associated with a high degree of mortality in velogenic strains and the difficulties to differentiate between infected and vaccinated birds and sometimes the bird get infected before the vaccine works as most routine vaccination approaches based on vaccination of hatched chicken not based on vaccination of the embryonated eggs, so this work has been done, where it provided data for a vector vaccine, easy to differentiate between infected and vaccinated and provided accepted, low cost, time saving approach and provided data about the protection from one day old chick, where we provided data about protection levels after embryonated eggs vaccinations against two of the most important viral diseases in chicken, which provided immunized one day old chick with immune level able to protect against virulent infection with high percentage for both avian flu and Newcastle viruses.


There are different kinds vaccines for the poultry birds. We have Lasota, gomboro, Fowlpox and Coccidiosis vaccines. The best vaccines for chickens are Lasota, Gomboro and Newcastle vaccines, and they’re the most commonly used ones. These vaccines have their respective dates on which they’re administered. When a broiler/pullet is properly vaccinated, the immune system of that particular bird builds a resistance against the disease it was vaccinated for. For example, when you administer La sota vaccines (1st and 2nd) the bird’s immune system builds a resistance against Newcastle disease.

Types of Poultry Vaccines

Lasota Vaccine

Gomboro vaccine

Fowl Pox vaccine

ND IB Vaccines

EDS Vaccine

Benefits of Poultry Vaccines

Vaccination is an important routine management practice which protects livestock by preventing or reducing disease outbreaks and spread.

Vaccination and Medication Schedule for Broilers, Pullets, Noilers and Layers in Nigeria

DaysProgramme Schedule
Day oldGlucose
2 – 6Antibiotics & Vitamin (Oxygen Vitality)
7Ordinary water
8First Lasota
9 – 11Vitality (Vitalyte)
12 – 13Ordinary water
14First Gomboro
15 – 16Vitamin
17 – 19Anticocci (Embazin Forte)
20Ordinary water
21Second Lasota
22 – 23Vitamin
24 – 26Anticocci (Embazin Forte)
27Ordinary water
28Second Gomboro
29 – 31First Gomboro
32 – 36Ordinary water
37 – 41Tylodox extra
42 – 44Vitamin
45 – 49Anticocci
50 – 54Ordinary water
55 – 59Tylodox
60 – 62Vitamin
63 – 69Ordinary water
70Fowl pox (Pullets injection)
71 – 75Vitamin
76 – 80Ordinary water

Prices of Poultry Vaccines

$9.10-$11.37/ Piece

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