Poultry Vaccinator Price

Vijay Raj Vaccinator is a sturdy precision instrument designed to deliver precisely 0.1 c.c. ½ c.c.Per dose of vaccine, antibiotic or any other injectable product.This instrument is ideal for use by the Tropical Spray, Subcutaneous Intramuscular,Intranasal or Intracrop methods of applications. This instrument has been field tested on many birds with satisfactory result.It accepts all standard length of needles.
This automatic vaccinator is a strong and accurate instrument that allows precise and reliable dosing. All components are made from finest long lasting materials treated against corrosion

Features of Poultry Vaccinator:

Possible personalization of the colour for orders of 1000 pcs.
Piston rod in metal.
All other components in special plastic resins.

Needle anti suction device] the needle uses a unique anti-backflow device to isolate the outside air and ensure complete inhalation of the liquid.

High quality stainless steel] made of high quality stainless steel, it is not easy to rust for long time use.

Handle ergonomic design] the design is user friendly,the grip is more comfortable to use.

Dosage adjustable] press and hold down the dose adjustment button, and push forward to adjust the fixed dose.

Front needles can attach any types of needles] it can also used for medicine, injection or syringe.

Benefits of Poultry Vaccinator

~ All metal body – no glass to be broken
~ Highly versatile automatic vaccination tool
~ Ergonomically designed for fatigue-free operation
~ Cost-effective for poultry and small animals
~ Fixed dosage ensures same accurate dosage and measure per inoculation
~ Eliminates need to check settings while administering mass injections
~ Long lasting syringe works for years
~ Super easy to change piston per dosage – on each piston the measure is stamped ~ The valve system ensures accurate delivery with no room for error
~ Economical parts are all interchangeable
~ All syringes can be sterilized up to 125 C

Instructions for use

 1. Set the dose: Turn the dose adjuster clockwise or counterclockwise until the piston is aligned with the scale printed on the barrel of the needle. For 03.ml: dose reversed clockwise live

   Adjust it to the front of the O-ring to align with the scale printed on the barrel.

 2. Syringe operation process:

   Remove the needle protection cover

   Slight tilt of the syringe

   Squeeze the handle and release quickly so that liquid is sucked out

   To remove air bubbles from the bucket, repeat steps, taking care not to waste liquid

   Filling the syringe to prepare the syringe

Product Specification

Equipment UseVaccination
Animal BreedChicken
BrandVijay Raj Poultry Equipments
Model Name/NumberVRAV05
Automation GradeAutomatic
MaterialPlastic And Stainless Steel
Usage/ApplicationPoultry Farm

Prices of Poultry Vaccinator

$25.00-$50.00/ Piece

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