Pork Price Per Pound

Increasing numbers of pork producers are considering owning their product further than the packers gate. Much of this impetus comes from increasing farm-cutout or farm-retail margins. However, many producers are not aware of the potential variability in product, price, and ultimately profits that occurs in the packing and processing sector. Furthermore, due to the variability that occurs in item weights and other specifications, there are minimum numbers of live animals that are necessary to keep facilities operational. Thus, producers interested in further processing need some way to predict the amount of product associated with a given number of hogs. That is why the Whole Hog Value Calculator (WHVC) was developed.


  • Ingredients: Pork ham, Mediterranean Sea salt. Cured for 12-16 months. All natural, minimally processed and no artificial ingredients. Contains no nitrates or nitrites except for the naturally occurring nitrates in sea salt. HOOF REMOVED ACCORDING TO US LAW. USDA approved.
  • This very special and tasty Serrano ham is achieved with an excellent raw material, large hams with external fat, a little Mediterranean salt and a slow curing process in the fresh air of the high mountains of Spain where the cool, dry air produces a superb traditional cure.
  • The cured serrano ham is a product made from the best pieces of pork that have been selected to produce a 100% natural product after the salting and curing process, thus achieving the best aroma and flavor.
  • It has a characteristic color that changes from pink to purply red in the lean part in addition to the shiny appearance of the fat. It also has a delicate yet salty flavor and a pleasant, characteristic aroma.
  • Should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Best consumed within 6 months of purchase. Shelf life once opened is 1 month. Presentation: Whole, bone-in, skin on and hoof removed according to US Law. USDA approved. Cardboard box for safe transit.


Product nameFrozen pork leg
Freezing ProcesBQF
Bad smellNil
PartPork leg
Place of originThailand
Loading portLaem Chabang port
Delivery time7-15 days after payment
PackingAs customer’s requirement

Pork Price Per Pound

Feeder pigWeightPrice per poundTotal cost each
farm pig, small30$1.00$30.00
farm pig, larger50$2.00$100.00
farm pig, larger and off season50$1.00$50.00
special genetics50$3.00-4.00$150-200

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