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Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) are thought to have originated in South America, where they thrive in tropical and subtropical climates (American Peanut Council, 2014). The name “peanut” is misleading, because it is not botanically a nut, but rather a legume (a member of the pea and bean family). The edible seeds of a peanut plant start above ground but mature underground; thus peanuts are also known as groundnuts (National Peanut Board, 2015).

In the United States, peanuts were considered a regional food of the South until after the Civil War, when technological advancements resulted in an increased demand for peanut oil, peanut butter, roasted and salted peanuts, and confections. In addition, the noted scientist George Washington Carver identified numerous manufactured nonfood uses for the peanut and plant parts and encouraged plantings of peanuts as a rotational crop for cotton production, which expanded acreage in the early 1900s (American Peanut Council, 2014).


Peanuts are planted after the last frost, usually in April or May. Harvesting takes place roughly 120-160 days after planting, thus the marketing season for fresh “green” (not dried) peanuts is often during September and October. Peanuts that have been dried or processed have a much longer shelf life, thus a longer marketing season (Wright et al, 2014) (National Peanut Board, 2015).

The majority of peanut crops get processed in some manner before reaching customers; however, there is a market for fresh peanuts (also known as boiling peanuts, as this is how they are commonly processed after purchase). Due to their high moisture content, fresh peanuts cannot be stored long-term (10-14 days); therefore they are usually sold within their growing region at supermarkets, roadside stands, and/or farmers’ markets. Less often fresh peanuts are sold through online retailers who usually require two-day shipping due to their perishability (Boiled Peanut World, 2013). Customers purchasing fresh peanuts have a preference for bright hulls with little to no damage, thus the crop needs to be hand harvested (Wright et al, 2014).

Features of Peanut

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Prices of Peanut

$1.40-$1.50/ Kilogram

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