Nubian Goat Price

Anglo-Nubians were developed in England by crossing British goats with bucks of African and Indian origin.The Anglo Nubian is an all-purpose goat, useful for meat, milk and hide production. It is not a heavy milk producer but has a high average butter fat content (between four and five percent). The Anglo Nubian breeding season is much longer than that of the Swiss breeds so it is possible to produce milk year round

Nubian goats were once primarily raised as a dairy goat, but once their superior milk-producing abilities were fully realized this breed soared to the top of the dairy goat breed list.  Even though the vast majority of Nubian goat nannies produce a smaller daily amount of milk than many othertop dairy goat breeds, they still top most “most have” lists for both hobby and commercial dairy farmers.  The Nubian goat is perhaps the most identifiable of any breed. Their long and floppy ears are quite distinctive and allow even newbies to the goat keeping world to quickly realize identify them. 


Nubian goat milk boasts the highest butterfat content among most standard size breeds. Their milk is surpassed by only by the standard size Boer goat and two miniature breeds, the Nigerian dwarf and Pygmy goats in fat content and overall sweetness of flavor. 
With the exceptions noted above, Nubian nanny goats generally produce 5 percent more butterfat rich milk than all other breeds. To put this difference in butterfat content into better perspective, the percentage difference is typically twice that of 2 percent milk sold at your local grocery store.
It is both the butterfat content and general sweet taste of Nubain goat milk that makes it exceptionally good to use in the cheesemaking process. Milk from Boer, Nigerian dwarf, and Pygmy goats is far less likely to be used to make cheese, at least at the commercial level, because the butterfat milk content is so high – and some say less flavorful. Nubian nanny goats are capable of producing between three-fourths of a gallon to one gallon of milk daily.


Nubians are known to be especially bright and curious goats. These charming lop-eared beauties boast incredibly friendly and docile personalities. Due to their amicable nature, Nubian goats are often kept not just for milk producing purposes, but for farm pets, as well.  Nubians are not just friendly and easy to handle, most are also outright sociable creatures that seem to thrive on interaction with both each other and the humans that keep them. This goat breed likes to stroke and be stroked on the sides of their heads and necks. Thanks to their sturdy physique and overall smarts, Nubian goats have been used to both pull carts and as saddle pack animals.  Those are the many upsides associated with keeping Nubian goats – now for the downside. If you live in a suburban area or on a small homestead with neighbors who are not also homesteaders or farmers, this top dairy goat breed could cause major problems. 

Nubian goats are loud – really loud. They bleat both loudly and often. If a Nubian goat wants the attention of its human – it will bleat. If a Nubian is bored – it will bleat. If a Nubian goat is thirsty, hundry, cold … you get the point. Not only will a Nubian bleat, it will bleat loud enough so everyone with a quarter of a mile will hear it. 
Multiple this loud bleating by the number of goats in your herd and then think about the reaction of your most fussy neighbor, BEFORE purchasing a single Nubian goat. If you goat herd is going to free range, expect to find them frequently at your back door “crying” to come in or at least get your attention. If you live in a place that puts any restrictions on keeping rooster or limits the number of livestock that can be kept based on either location of barnyard to property boundaries or by number of acres, keeping Nubian goats could actually land you in legal hot water for disturbing the peace. 


Saco River Farms in Steep Falls, Maine has a long track record for breeding quality dairy goats. As an operating Maine licensed micro Goat Dairy, we are constantly working to improve our herds, and as such the goats that we sell. We also understand the needs of small homestead farmers, and more importantly the differences between a working and show animals.

Our focus at Saco River Farms is dairy, not the show ring! We do not show our goats, and you won’t find us at the fairs, because we’re too busy making the goat milk, cheese and other dairy products our customers love. We also believe that value is as important as quality. Saco River Farms sells both registered and unregistered Nubian Goats, because we understand that a pedigree does not guarantee a great milker.

Nubian Goat Price


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