Nigerian Dwarf Goats Price

All of our Nigerian dairy does and bucks are ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) registered. We are a licensed commercial Dairy and have a closed herd. We test on a rolling biannual basis for Johnes, Brucellosis, CAE & CL and are test-negative for all of these since we started our herd in 2005, We participate in two very valuable programs – the ADGA Linear Appraisal Program annually as well as monthly milk testing through Dairy Herd Improvement – and are happy to share the results of these with you.

As we have a closed herd that has consistently tested negative for Brucellosis, CAE, CL & Johnes, we do a combination of dam raising and bottle feeding for 10 to 12 weeks. We prefer not to place our kids in new homes until they reach weaning age, as this ensures them the best chance of a happy and healthy life for years to come. All our kids will have been disbudded, vaccinated, and wethered or tattooed as necessary before leaving for their new home.


Are Nigerian dwarf goats friendly? Let’s talk about why these little powerhouses are increasingly being welcomed onto hobby farms and hearts! Here’s what to know about owning Nigerian dwarf goats.  These dwarf goats are proof that the best pets sometimes come in small packages. They are excellent mini-milk producers as well. Hearing how playful they are just might goad you into becoming a goat owner, Nigerian dwarf goats are friendly, and you can keep them as pets. They have a sweet temperament.


Nigerian dwarf goats are famed for their gentle, friendly disposition. Nigerian dwarfs really are every bit as sweet as they look! This means you can have peace of mind about interactions with families and children. In fact, they tend to do exceptionally well with children. Every goat has its own “personality.” However, the general consensus is that you are unlikely to encounter one with a behavior issue. Nigerian dwarf goats, with their friendly temperaments, are ideal for families and hobby farmers. In addition, homesteaders who open their properties to the public for agricultural tourism also have a special affinity for Nigerian dwarfs. Even with their friendly dispositions, like with many animals, it’s still best to socialize them when they are young.


In addition to having friendly personalities and making good pets, Nigerian dwarf goats have other attributes as well. Some reasons to own them are:

  • Small size, manageable
  • Great-tasting milk with butterfat (females)
  • Easy to care for
  • Help with your garden and lawn
  • Good companion animals
  • Great for livestock projects, 4-H, Future Farmers of America (FFA), etc.

Nigerian dwarf goats have many attributes making them a viable livestock option. In addition, they are a great first choice for homesteaders who are just starting out with animals on their property. Let’s talk about what these animals do when they live on your property. In addition to being friendly, adorable companions, many people raise goats for profit.

Nigerian dwarf milk goats actually serve a big purpose on your land. The first benefit is Nigerian dwarf goats provide milk. This may be intriguing to you if you’re interested in homesteading without bringing in full-sized goats or cattle. Nigerian dwarf milk goats are powerhouses when it comes to mini-milk production. Many homesteaders actually prefer the milk of Nigerian dwarfs when making organic goat soap or cheese to sell. Yes, milk production alone is enough to make a Nigerian dwarf goat an asset to a property.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats Price

$150.00 – $250.00 

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