Myxomatosis Vaccine Cost

Fortunately, your bunny can be safeguarded against life-threatening diseases with an annual vaccination – by getting an injection against these diseases every year, you know your rabbit is up-to-date with the very best protection. Vaccinations are quick and simple, and before your bunny is vaccinated they will also receive a full health assessment. This is a vital opportunity for the vet to detect any visible health problems which that may be developing, to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet, and to make sure you have all the information on the best care for your rabbit.

All rabbits adopted from the RSPCA have been vaccinated against Calicivirus disease. This will protect it from this disease for 10 to 12 months at which time your rabbit will need another vaccination. Make sure you keep your vaccination record and present it to your veterinarian when your rabbits next vaccination is due. Note: Myxomatosis vaccine is available for rabbits in England but is not available in Austra


Myxomatosis is a disease that is equally as fatal but takes a longer time and is very hard on the rabbit. It was introduced deliberately into the wild rabbit population in several countries including Ireland around the 1950s as a way of controlling the population. However it is a cruel and long drawn out way to do so as unlike VHD rabbits can take up to 14 days to pass away and suffer immensely during this time. They present with a classic white discharge from the eyes and are very dull, and reluctant to move they may have skin lumps depending on how long they have been infected. It is important for rabbit owners to know the signs in case they come across a wild rabbit suffering in this way. In cases of myxy the kindest thing is to euthanase the rabbit, be it a wild rabbit or a pet.

There is no specific treatment, and unfortunately, recovery is rare. This means that euthanasia is often the kindest option for infected rabbits. Regular vaccines are therefore essential. Although the vaccine does not prevent transmission in all cases, vaccinated rabbits experience milder forms of the disease and recovery rates are good with prompt veterinary care.

Features of Myxomatosis

  • A virus spread by blood-sucking insects such as fleas, mites or mosquitoes. 
  • Widespread in British wild rabbits. 
  • It can take up to 14 days for symptoms to appear. Early symptoms include – puffy swellings around the face, ears and or eyes which can cause blindness. The swellings can also affect the anus and or genitals. 
  • This often progresses to a high fever. Eating and drinking becomes increasingly difficult. 
  • Unfortunately, the disease is often fatal with death occurring within 10-14 days. 
  • Occasionally myxomatosis is more prolonged – multiple lumps appear.


Steps should be taken to introduce a safe and effective myxomatosis vaccination program to protect the health of pet rabbits while not impacting unfavourably upon the control of the wild population. Given the significant economic issue of pest rabbits the vaccination program should be accompanied by a licensing program placing the responsibility on breeders to ensure rabbits are sold neutered and microchipped.


Keeping your annual vaccination appointment every year is really important for both you and your rabbit.

  • Primary Course (Myxomatosis, RHD1 and RHD2): required if the rabbit is unvaccinated, overdue or hasn’t received Nobivac MyxoRHDplus previously:
    • Filavac (RHD2), then 2 weeks later Nobivac Myxo/RHD Plus £90
  • Booster (Myxomatosis, RHD1 and RHD2): (Nobivac MyxoRHDplus) £68

Prices of Myxomatosis Vaccine

 $35.00 -$75.00

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