Murrah Buffalo Male Calf Price

Murrah Buffalo is a most productive water buffalo breed. Murrah buffaloes are resistent to diseases and easily adapts to south indian climatic conditions. All these factors make Murrah Buffaloes highly suitable for professional and orgainzed dairy farming. We are specialists in supplying high yielding Murrah Buffaloes at nominal costs.Every buffalo has genetic potential of how much milk it can produce which cannot be increased. But if you provide good feed and take good care, then the milk yield will definetely increase. This basically means you are not increasing the milking potential of the buffalo but acheiving it’s actual potential.


Murrah buffalo is a species of pet buffalo that is reared for milk production. It is basically  animal of Punjab, but it is now also transmitted in other states and other countries (like Italy, Bulgaria, Egypt etc.) In Haryana, it is called black gold. Murrah is the best breed for fat production in milk. Murrah buffalo’s horn is yellowish-shaped. People of Haryana know it by name as black gold. Its milk is found in 8% fat. Buffalo’s color is black. Origin Location Rohtak Delhi is considered by Karnal, HisarEverybody wants to go for the price of Murrah buffalo because the breed has the ability to give milk in the buffaloes and the amount of fat in milk is also high. According to the amount of fat in dairy-based milk, milk prices are fixed! Usually, 8 percent fat milk costs 50 to 60 rupees! The biological origin of Murrah species buffalo was in Punjab, which is still called black gold in Haryana!


The body of murrah buffalo is well built, heavy and wedge shaped. The head is comparatively small and face is comparatively long. Murrah buffaloes are jet black in colour. The eyes are not walled(the eye cornea should not have whiteness). The horns of a Murrah Buffalo are different from other breeds of buffaloes – they are short, tight, turning backward and upward and finally spirally curving inward. The tail is long reaching upto fetlock joint with length upto 8 inches. The legs are comparatively short but are strong built. Skin of murrah buffalo is smooth and soft with scanty hair. The udder is fully developed and drooping. The teats are equally spread over the udder and usually the hinds teats are longer than front teats. The average body of a male Murrah Buffalo is around 550 kgs and female is around 450 kgs. The average height of a male is around 1.42 meters and female is 1.32 meters.

Product Specification

BreedMurrah Buffalo
Milk Yield18 litres per day
ColorPure Black
Age Of First Calving12 months
Lactation Period1st lactation
Milk Production18 litres per day
Country of OriginMade in India
Minimum Order Quantity10

Murrah Buffalo Male Calf Price


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