Mexican Gamefowl Cages the fly pens are imported from Mexico and come in various sizes to fit your needs.  The rooster fly pen is a great way for birds to get exercise when you can’t free range.  In a fly pen, the chickens will have room to fly.  In a run pen, the height is just barely enough to keep them out of reach of a predator’s paw.  A typical fly pen would be 8-by-10 feet and eight feet high. Stop by Pasturas Los Alazanes and shop our selection game bird pens, feeds, and supplements.


     Portable and folding.

     Easy to use and transport.

     Free of edges and edges that damage the bird or the shepherd.

     Double door, in front and on the roof.

     They are removable and portable.

     Its galvanized has double layer of zinc.

     Useful for the care of your fine roosters.

     Wide door with triple security width.

     Possibility of adapting hanger and ddar greater mobility to the rooster.

     Easy armed and disarmed.

     The cages, is a registered trademark which provides quality and safety.

     The wire is more resistant to doubles.


Product nameeasy clean outdoor pet cage Animals house
Usagechicken coop
ColorPure color
Size1400*855*1080 mm
Packing size1450*800*160 mm
Keywordschicken coop
MOQ20 Pcs
AdvantageEasy Cleaning Coop
Package1 Pcs/ Carton
Delivery time15-30days


$56.46 – $61.81

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