This 29-gallon aquarium with Metal Stand features a rounded rectangular shape that gives it a contemporary feel. It is made of high-impact glass and comes complete with a built-in filtration system and an adjustable hood for more light and shade. The hood can be positioned at any angle you like, to accommodate your needs. A 3-way light fixture is included, as well as all the necessary accessories that come with the package. This brushed black finish will complement any decor in your home or office.

The Metal Aquarium Stand 29 Gallon is a durable, metal stand that allows you to maximize your space in the best way possible. It comes with a black coating that will fit any color scheme and style. The stand is made from heavy gauge steel so it is sure to last for years to come. The metal design also makes it easy to clean and maintain, making it practically maintenance-free!

This Metal Aquarium Stand 29 Gallon is perfect for a freshwater or saltwater aquarium. It features two spacious cabinets, four adjustable glass shelves, and a water drip tray to prevent water spills. Made of metal with a black powder coat finish and white inner liners, this sturdy metal stand can hold up to 200 pounds of weight.

Metal Aquarium Stand 29 Gallon Features

Metal Aquarium Stand 29 Gallon Features

  • This stand has three shelves and a classic black finish.
  • It fits 29-gallon tanks and holds up to 150 lbs.
  • Made in the USA.

Metal Aquarium Stand 29 Gallon Details

Providing a place for your fish to live, the Metal Aquarium Stand 29 Gallon will securely hold up to 150 pounds. This aquarium stand is 15.75″ wide by 11.87″ deep by 29.12″ high and is made of black powder-coated steel with non-slip feet for stability. Easy assembly and instructions included.


  • For 29 gallon tanks
  • Black powder-coated steel
  • Non-slip feet
  • Easy assembly

Metal Aquarium Stand 29 Gallon Weight

The weight of the stand is about 15.5 pounds. The weight of the aquarium is about 29 gallons and the weight of 1 gallon is 8.35 pounds. Therefore, the total weight of the aquarium is about 29 x 8.35 = 242.15 pounds, and therefore, it can take a load up to 242.15 – 15.5 = 226.65 pounds on its top surface

Metal Aquarium Stand 29 Gallon Download

Metal Aquarium Stand 29 Gallon is what you are looking for and is available at our store. This Metal Aquarium Stand 29 Gallon is just what you need to keep your fish happy and healthy! This metal aquarium stand is built to last. The black powder-coated metal will not rust and tear like other cheap metal stands. It will hold up to the weight of a full-sized aquarium with ease. You can trust that your tank will be safe on this sturdy metal aquarium stand. The simple design makes assembly a snap, once you put it together, no need to worry about taking it apart again! The open-air design allows for quick cleaning so there is no mess to deal with. The metal aquarium stand has no parts or areas where dirt could become trapped, which prevents mold from growing over time. With a little maintenance, the metal aquarium stand will remain clean for years to come!

Metal Aquarium Stand 29 Gallon Brand

Aqueon is the brand name of this product. Aqueon is a leader in the aquarium industry and has been committed to fishkeeping success for over 50 years. As one of the most popular brands in fishkeeping, Aqueon designs products that are easy to use and also provide a healthy environment promoting the well-being of aquatic life. The company’s full line of equipment and accessories work in harmony across all sizes and styles of aquariums and ponds, giving hobbyists everything they need to do more, learn more and be more involved in this great hobby.


The price of a metal aquarium stand is dependent on many factors, including projected costs for materials and labor. As little as $200 can get you a basic tank stand to hold your 29-gallon tank, while paying up to $500 might get you a fancy design that fits in with the other decor in your home.

You can expect the cost of manufacturing and selling this product to be anywhere from $150 to 500$ depending on how good it is.


  • Wipe down with a damp cloth.
  • Clean treated wood finish with a soft cloth.
  • Treat wood with a wood sealer or wood preserver. Follow instructions on the product label.

This metal aquarium stands for 29-gallon tanks and holds up to 150 pounds.

This metal aquarium stands for 29-gallon tanks and holds up to 150 pounds.

It is constructed of steel with a powder-coated finish and is fully assembled. It has adjustable feet. The dimensions are 29.5 x 12.5 x 29.5 inches, and there’s a limited lifetime warranty offered on this product by Aquatic Fundamentals Incorporated.

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