The Metal Aquarium Stand 125 Gallon is the perfect addition to any home or office. This stand is available in 3 different colors and can hold up to 125 gallons of water. The stand is made from durable metal and it is easy to assemble. The Metal Aquarium Stand 125 Gallon comes with a warranty that protects your purchase against defects in workmanship and materials.

The 125 Gallon Metal Aquarium Stand is a great option for those looking to get an aquarium without the hassle of having to build it themselves. This stand is made from sturdy metal that can hold up to 125 gallons of water, and it has a beautiful black finish that will look great in any room.

This stand comes fully assembled, so all you have to do is put it where you want it and fill it with water. It has four adjustable legs to ensure stability, and large top shelf space for storing supplies or decorations.

A 125 gallon aquarium stand is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their fish in an aquarium. This tank stand has a capacity of up to 125 gallons, making it perfect for larger fish tanks. It’s made from sturdy steel, so it can hold your heavy aquarium safely and securely. It also comes with wheels so you can move the tank around with ease. The height of this aquarium stand can be adjusted by using a simple lever system that’s located at the back of the unit. This means that you’ll be able to customize it based on your needs and preferences, ensuring that your fish will always have access to plenty of oxygen while they’re swimming around inside their new home!

Metal Aquarium Stand 125 Gallon Details

This stand is made of steel, supporting a load of up to 400 pounds. It requires no tools for assembly, and it weighs 24 pounds. This product has the following dimensions:

  • Width: 26 inches
  • Depth: 28 inches
  • Height: 29 inches

Dimensions & Weight

The dimensions of the stand are:

  • Length: 48″ (4 feet)
  • Width: 18″ (1.5 feet)
  • Height: 30″ (2.5 feet)

The product’s weight is approximately 50 lbs and its color is black with a matte finish.

About Metal Aquarium Stand 125 Gallon

With a sturdy construction, this 125 gallon aquarium stand from Metal Aquarium Stand will provide the support your aquarium needs to hold a heavy tank safely. The stand is designed to hold a 125 gallon tank. It is made from steel and is powder-coated for a tough and long-lasting finish.

Metal Aquarium Stand 125 Gallon

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More Information on Metal Aquarium Stand 125 Gallon

The Metal Aquarium Stand 125 Gallon is the perfect choice for your aquarium. This sturdy stand will support a heavy tank safely. The metal construction does not rust. The front has a door so you can easily access your aquarium. This stand comes in black color only and you’ll be pleased to see how it looks in your home.

This is a sturdy stand that looks good and can hold a heavy tank safely.

This is an excellent stand that can hold a large aquarium tank. You will not have to worry about the safety of your tank with this stand. It is sturdy and has the proper weight limit to hold an aquarium of this size. The colors are also very nice and you will be able to find one that goes well with any decor. There are many different colors available too so you can have a different look in every room.

The stand has been tested and it is strong enough to hold up to 125 gallons of water. This means that you can use it for a large fish tank or even a bigger one if you want to put more fish in there. The price is very reasonable as well which makes it even more attractive for those on a budget but still want something that looks great in their home or office space.


You’ll be pleased to learn that the Metal Aquarium Stand 125 Gallon was designed with affordability in mind—its price tag of $129.99 is lower than you would typically pay for a stand of this quality. The stand’s manufacturing expenses have all been carefully considered; the cost-per-unit is within reason, and the price point is similar to that of other aquarium stands comparable in size and quality. All told, it’s a product whose price has been set with your budget in mind.


There are several maintenance tasks that you’ll need to do to keep the aquarium water clean and your fish happy. Fortunately, Amazon has everything you need to complete these tasks with ease.

  • Cleaning the water – we recommend using a siphon for easy gravel cleaning. You should also use a good quality filter cartridge for efficient filtration.
  • Changing the water – this is an important part of maintenance because it helps reduce stress on your fish by removing toxins from their environment.
  • Feeding your fish – be sure to choose a food that is appropriate for the species of fish you have in your tank (Amazon has many options!).
  • Cleaning the tank – start by washing out any algae or other debris before rinsing it down with fresh water and allowing it to dry thoroughly before adding new substrate or decorations back into place.

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