Marek’s Vaccine Price

Marek’s Disease `HVT’ & `SB-1’ strain vaccine is manufactured in cell cultures derived from S.P.F. eggs. This strain confers high-grade immunity (95% protection) in vaccinated chicks before they are exposed to infectious Marek’s disease virus in the farm or as soon as possible.
The vaccine contains suspension of chick embryo fibroblast cells actively infected with large number of Marek’s disease `HVT’ & `SB-1’strain virus. Each dose of vaccine contains > 103 P.F.U. per dose.


Mareks vaccine is recommended for the vaccination of healthy one-day-old chicks only, to aid in the prevention of the signs and lesions of Mareks disease. Give subcutaneously only (injected into the bird). For vaccination, an automatic syringe with 22- to 20-gauge needles, 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch in length, is recommended. Make certain that all equipment is sterilized and change needles frequently. Inject each chick subcutaneously with 0.2 mL (two-tenths of a milliliter) of the vaccine. Inject into the back of the chicks neck by pinching the skin.

Dosage and reconstitution

  • Reconstitution: Reconstitute the vaccine immediately before use by transferring 4.0 ml of diluents to the vaccine vial using a sterile needle and syringe.
  • Shake the vial to ensure complete reconstitution.
  • Transfer the entire contents into the diluents vial.
  • Dosage: 0.2 ml per chick.

Directions For Addition Of Blue Dye To Sterile Diluent

Blue dye may be aseptically added to sterile diluent using the following procedures:

1. Dye mixing chart:

Bag/bottle diluent size200 ml
400 ml
600 ml
800 ml
1200 ml
1600 ml
1800 ml
2400 ml
Blue Dye to be added0.5 ml1.0 ml1.5 ml

2. Swab top of rubber stoppers on dye vial and diluent container with alcohol; let dry.

3. Using a sterile syringe and needle, withdraw the contents of the vial.

4. Inject dye into diluent container and mix well.

5. Only Merial’s Marek’s disease vaccines may be used with this diluent. Add vaccine according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

6. Properly dispose of the dye container and any unused contents at the end of the day.


  • Vaccinate healthy chicks only.
  • Always ensure vaccination equipment is clean and free of disinfectants.
  • The vaccine should not be mixed with anything other than the diluent supplied.
  • Reconstituted vaccine should be used within 2 hours.
  • Shake the bottle containing the vaccine suspension before and during use.
  • Discard and destroy unused contents and empty vials.
  • Use entire contents of the vial when first opened.


The vaccine is stored in liquid Nitrogen container at -150C to -1950C in cryo vials (screw capped). The product must not be thawed (Liquid form) at any time except just before its use. If product gets thawed during storage, it must be discarded (NOT GOOD FOR USE).

Prices of Marek’s Vaccine

$29.95 – $55.95

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