John Deere lawn mowers are one of the most expensive brands of lawn mowers. While the prices may be high, its products are durable, powerful, and long-lasting. If you need a high-quality lawnmower from John Deere, then check out these popular and expensive models.

The John Deere Company is a manufacturer of construction and agricultural machinery. It was founded in the United States in 1837 and has been one of the leading companies in its field since then. The company offers a wide range of products including lawn mowers, tractors, combines, and other agricultural machinery.

John Deere E110 Gas Lawn Tractor

For homeowners with small lawns, the John Deere E110 Gas Lawn Tractor is a great choice. The powerful machine is easy to operate and can handle all the work you need to be done for a small yard. If you are new to owning a tractor, this may be the perfect machine for your first time on one. The price of $3,099 makes it an affordable option for most people who own their own homes or live off of their savings.

John Deere X350 Select Series Lawn Tractor

The John Deere X350 Select Series Lawn Tractor is a powerful and reliable lawn mower that comes with a hydrostatic transmission, making it ideal for medium to large lawns. The machine has a large fuel tank, which makes it easy to refuel when necessary. It also has an adjustable height lever and three cutting options: mulching, side discharging, or bagging. Purchasing this model will give you access to the manufacturer’s service network so that you don’t have trouble maintaining your lawn mower if something goes wrong with it down the line.

How do I choose the best lawnmower?

Choosing the right lawnmower depends on several factors including your yard size, budget, and how much maintenance you want to put into your mowing routine. If your yard is small in size but requires frequent cutting throughout spring summer fall then cordless electric models might be better suited than gas-powered ones due to their lighter weight and ease of use during trimming around flower beds etcetera (especially if they are not too high maintenance). On the other hand, if you have larger areas of land then gas-powered models may be more suitable since they will provide more power while allowing more customization options such as changing blades according –

John Deere S240 Lawn Tractor

The John Deere S240 Lawn Tractor is a great choice for small lawns. It has a 24 HP engine and a 42-inch cutting width. The cutting deck is made of steel, which gives it the strength it needs to handle tough conditions like tall grass or heavy weeds.

The hydrostatic transmission allows you to control your speed and direction with ease, so it’s easy to avoid damaging your lawn while still getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

John Deere S240 Sport Lawn Tractor

The John Deere S240 Sport Lawn Tractor is a great choice for home owners who want a quality lawn mower at a reasonable price. The John Deere S240 Sport Lawn Tractor costs around $2000, but it’s worth the money. Other models from this brand are available for less than $1000.

John Deere Z235 ZTrak Zero Turn Mower

The John Deere Z235 ZTrak Zero Turn Mower is a zero turn mower that’s designed for small yards. It’s perfect for homeowners who want to get their lawns looking great, but don’t have the time or energy to use traditional push mowers.

This model was made with professional landscapers in mind, so it’s not meant for use by the average home gardener, but if you’re serious about maintaining your lawn, and you have a relatively small yard (less than an acre), then this might be the right product for you.

It has a 48-inch deck, which means it can handle most grass types and lengths with ease. The John Deere Z235 also features a 21 HP engine, so it will be able to cut through thick weeds without slowing down or getting bogged down in thick grasses, which makes it ideal for very rough gardens where the grass tends to grow very quickly up between the flower beds.

John Deere Z335E ZTrak Zero Turn Mower

The John Deere Z335E ZTrak Zero Turn Mower is a good choice for a wide range of lawn care jobs.

It is designed to handle a variety of mowing conditions.

John Deere Z345M Residential ZTrak Mower

This John Deere Z345M Residential ZTrak Mower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 1030 series V-twin engine, which puts out 21 horsepower and 11.5 foot pounds of torque. It has a 16 gallon fuel capacity and comes with a 7 forward speed transmission and reverse gear. The top speed of this mower is 8 miles per hour, which means it can get anywhere you need on your property quickly. The front axle sits at 41 inches in length while the rear axle sits at 48 inches in length; both axles utilize single tires for traction across all terrains.

The size dimensions for this model are:

  • Length: 72″ (183 cm)
  • Width: 39″ (99 cm)
  • Height: 55″ – 68″ (140 – 173 cm) depending on options selected

John Deere 1023E Compact Utility Tractor

The John Deere 1023E compact utility tractor has a 23hp Kohler engine, a hydrostatic transmission and a 3-point hitch. It also has a PTO shaft that is used to power attachments in the rear of the machine.

This article is about the most popular and expensive lawn mowers from the famous manufacturer.

John Deere is a famous manufacturer of lawn mowers. In this article, we will talk about the most popular and expensive lawn mowers from the famous manufacturer.

John Deere Lawn Mowers Prices:

John Deere has different models of lawn mowers that are designed for different purposes. Some models are designed for specific uses while others can be used on any type of terrain or in any climate conditions. The prices also vary depending on their features and capabilities.


We hope you enjoyed reading our article on John Deere lawn mowers. If you are looking for the best lawn mower, then this is the perfect place to start your search. This article will help you find out which model is right for your needs and budget. The key takeaway from this post should be that there are many different types of lawn mowers available today ranging in cost from $250 to over $1,000 depending on what type of features they have built into them such as: gas vs electric motors; riding or push models; zero turn radii (ZTR) or regular tractors with wheels; push behind self-propelled versions that can be used on slopes or flat surfaces; etc).

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