Jamna Pyari Goat Price

Jumumanpari goat is a pure Indian breed. Name of the breed derived from the rivers the Yamuna, Jamuna (West Bengal and Bangladesh). The jamunapari breed has found greater success in many countries for their fast growth and high yield on milk. The robust-looking Jamunapari goats exhibited at Anthiyur Cattle Fair attracted hundreds of curious visitors. Originally coming from Uttar Pradesh, these goats are now being reared by many farmers in the district. According to them, the goats can weigh up to 65 kilograms, and appear almost as big as a calf.

According to a caretaker of Dheeran Goat Farm based in Kallimadaipudur near Kodumudi in the district, the milk of Jamunapari goats could fetch as much as Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 per litre. The price of well-grown Jamunapari goats themselves range between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 40,000. However, officials of Animal Husbandry Department say, the breed may not bring in returns to farmers. “Most of those who rear this goat with its strongly arched Roman nose and long pendulous ears own them as pets.” The ears can grow to about 12 inches on adults. There is not much difference either in the nutritive properties or taste of the meat. At the most, the meat could be sold for Rs. 500 per kilogram. Farmers usually do not opt for this breed because it gives birth to only one kid per cycle. Ultimately, it is the meat value that counts for livestock breeders, a senior official said, explaining the reason for the goats not gaining popularity in the district.

Advantages of Jamunapari Goat

  1. Jamunapari is a very hardy animal and so disease incidence is less. Therefore the cost of health management is also very less.
  2. Jamunapari(Jamnapari) are high on milk productivity and meat. Jamnapari Goat breed is kept for dual purpose(milk and meat).
  3. Jamunapari is very beautiful goat breed which is suitable for the show.
  4. Jamunapari grows fast and produce more milk if they are provided with quality supplementary feeds.
  5. Considered as the best dairy goat. The average daily milk yield in 2.25 to 2.7 kg. The milk yield in a lactation period of 250 days, varies from 250 – 300 kg with 3.5 percent fat content.
  6. Goat milk is used for making various types of foods and it’s very easy to digest than milk of cows.
  7. Jamnapari can achieve three kidding in two years. That said in every 7 months, goat delivers kids.
  8. The rate of conception is high, nearly 90%.
  9. Triplets and quadruplets are common, means more goats and more profit.
  10. Diseases are less in Jamunapari goats than other domestic animals.
  11. Jamunaparis are able to adapt themselves with almost any climate

Physical characteristics of the Jamunapari goat

  1. Jamunapari Goats are large sized, tall, leggy with large folded pendulous ears and prominent Roman nose.
  2. There is a great variation in coat color, but the typical coat is white with small tan patches on head and neck.
  3. Jamnapari Goats carry long and thick hair on their hindquarters and have a glossy coat. Horns are short flat.
  4. A thick growth of hair on the buttocks, known as feathers, obscures the udder when observed from behind.
  5. The udder is well developed, round, with large conical teats.
  6. The body weight of an adult Bucks and Does varies from 65 to 85 kg and 45-60 Kg respectively.
  7. The age at sexual maturity in male varied from 9 to 12 months.
  8. The average age of the first conception is 18 months.
  9. Jamunapari does come in estrus throughout the year and there was no seasonality in breeding.

Product Specification

Breed NameJamunapari
Other NameJamnapari
Breed PurposeMilk, also for meat
Breed SizeLarge
BuckCan weigh up to 120 kg
DoeCan reach around 90 kg
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorMany color variations
Good for Stall FedYes
Country/Place of OriginIndia

Jamna Pyari Goat Price

$ 150.00 – $ 320.00

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