International Price Of Dried Split Ginger

Official food controls include regular inspections that can be carried out at import or at all further stages of marketing. In case of non-compliance with the European food legislation, individual cases are reported through the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feeds (RASFF), which is freely accessible for the general public. You should be aware that repeated non-compliance with the European food legislation by a particular country might lead to special import conditions or even suspension of imports from that country. Those stricter conditions include laboratory tests for a certain percentage of shipment from specified countries.

The European Parliament and Council adopted the New Official Controls Regulation, which entered into force in December 2019. New official controls regulation will extend its scope to organic products. Exporters from third countries will use the single standard Common Health Entry Document for the prior notification of exports.


Dried Split Ginger is one of the products we trade majorly on our export channel. We maintain a separate warehouse in Kaduna to ease the export processes. Within the six months of season, November to April, we have the capacity to supply more than 200 tons monthly. Ginger is a tropical herbaceous plant that produces annual stems. The plant produces erect, tall, and dark green shoot which measures about 30-100cm above the ground with long, narrow, ribbed green leaves which are 5-25 cm long and 1-3cm wide. It produces clusters of white and pink flower buds that bloom into a white or yellowish-green flower.

Ginger plant is mainly grown for its roots (which are known as rhizomes) popularly called ginger. Ginger is the underground root of the ginger plant with a firm striated texture. It has brownish skin which could be either thin or thick depending on when it is harvested.

The ginger flesh is most times yellow in color and in some cases white or red. It is widely used as a spice or herbal medicine because of its aromatic, pungent, and hot taste.

Uses/benefits of Dried Split Ginger

1). Culinary use: ginger is one of the major spices used in cooking.

2). Manufacturing purpose: It is used in manufacturing, to make products like;

3). Confectionaries (candies and sweets).

4). Soft drink and alcoholic beverage.

5). It serves as a flavoring agent in baking products like gingerbread, cakes, and biscuits.

6). It is used as a fragrance for soaps and cosmetics.

7). Medicinal purposes: ginger has several medicinal properties which include:






8). It is used to treat cold-induced diseases such as asthma, cough, rheumatism, etc.

9). Lowers cholesterol level by reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the blood and liver.

10). Gastrointestinal relief

11). Protection against colorectal cancer

12). It induces cell death in ovarian cancer cells

13). It serves as an immune booster

14). Ginger is generally used to treat various stomach problems including upset stomach, gas, colic, nausea, morning sickness, motion sickness, vomiting after surgery and loss of appetite.


Origin: Nigeria

Well Dried Splited Ginger
 100% Naturally Sun Dried
Moisture: 8 Max
UnSplited: 1% max
 Hotest Ginger

Packaging: 40kg pp bags/ buyer’s request

 Delivery: 21 days after confirmation of order

Payment term; 

i.100% confirm irrevocable LC at sight

ii.30% advance and 70% TT against scan BL

iii. Best term

Moq: 20 Metric tons

Port: Lagos

Loading capacity/40 feet container: 20Metric tons

Prices of Dried Split Ginger

$15.99 – $27.99

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