Ingelvac Prrs Mlv

Ingelvac PRRS® MLV, a leading modified-live PRRS vaccine, has been trusted for over 20 years to protect the swine industry against respiratory and reproductive symptoms of PRRSv. Ingelvac PRRS® MLV is a modified-live PRRS vaccine that is proven safe in pigs as well as gilts and sows at any stage of production in PRRS positive herds. It provides cross protection against heterologous challenge; (including Lelystad virus) and has shown to significantly reduce reproductive failure and respiratory disease due to PRRS virus. 

  • Trusted and field proven
  • Cost effective
  • Unique in its ability to be used in pigs (3 weeks or older), gilts, and sows at ANY stage of production
  • Available in three convenient sizes (10, 50, and 250 dose)

Features of Ingelvac Prrs Mlv

  • Safe in pigs, gilts and sows at any stage of production.
  • Aids in the prevention of respiratory disease and aids in the reduction of reproductive disease caused by PRRS virus.
  • Proven cross protection against heterologous challenge; (including Lelystad virus).
  • Easy to use, cost effective and field proven against respiratory and reproductive forms of PRRS Virus.
  • Convenience of 10, 50 and 250 dose presentations.
  • An aid in the reduction of disease associated with Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus, reproductive and respiratory forms
  • Proven cross protection against heterologous challenge
  • Long-lasting immunity, DOI is at least 4 months

Benefits of Ingelvac Prrs Mlv

  • Long-lasting immunity. Duration of immunity is at least 4 months.
  • Whole herd or population based PRRS control program advantages.
  • Significantly reduces reproductive failure due to PRRS virus.
  • Gilt stabilization/acclimatization program advantages.


  • Whole herd or population based PRRS control programs.
  • Replacement gilt immunizationand preparation.
  • Reproductive maintenance vaccination program in sows.
  • Administration in growing pigs to aid in prevention of respiratory disease


Sows and gilts: Using aseptic technique, inject a single 2 mL dose intramuscularly for the reproductive form of PRRS. The duration of immunity is at least 4 months or throughout gestation. Sows and gilts may be vaccinated prior to breeding or at any stage of pregnancy. Vaccination can either be population-targeted as a whole-herd vaccination program where all pregnant and nonpregnant sows and gilts are vaccinated every 3-4 months, or individual animal-targeted by vaccination 3-4 weeks prior to each breeding, or as directed by your herd veterinarian.


For use only in swine in PRRS virus positive herds as directed by a veterinarian. Vaccine virus may be shed and transmitted to other populations of swine which are in contact with vaccinated swine. The duration of potential vaccine virus transmission may vary by animal. Vaccine virus may be found at varying times post vaccination at locations (tonsil, nasal mucosa, urine, feces) from which the potential for shedding exists. Shedding of vaccine virus may be increased by glucocorticoid treatment and possibly by disease or environmental conditions which stress pigs and elevate levels of endogenous glucocorticoids. Use of the vaccine on farms or pigs transported from the farms where vaccine has been used to farms wanting to remain PRRS virus seronegative is contraindicated. The effect of concurrent or previous infections at or around the time of vaccination on the efficacy of this vaccine in reducing or modifying PRRS virus disease in pigs is not known.

Prices of Ingelvac Prrs Mlv

$34.00 – $56.73

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