Vizslas are beautiful, medium-sized dogs, originally bred as versatile hunting dogs in Hungary. Like all puppies, they start out small and grow into the adults they will be.

Because Vizslas are such cute little pups, it can be hard to imagine them as large adults—but it’s important to know how big your puppy might get so that you can plan for their future needs, both in terms of food and space. Fortunately, knowing how much a Vizsla puppy should weigh at each stage of its growth is easy!

The Vizsla is an active breed, so it’s important to know how much your pup should weigh at any given age. At birth, the average Vizsla puppy will weigh between 1 and 1.5 pounds. By 8 weeks, the puppy will have grown to between 13 and 16 pounds. At 6 months, the puppy should be between 30 and 35 pounds. Adult males can weigh between 50 and 65 pounds, while females weigh 50 to 60 pounds.

Vizla Puppy Weight Chart

AgeAverage WeightTypical Weight Range
15 Weeks25 LBS20 LBS – 30 LBS
20 Weeks32 LBS26 LBS – 39 LBS
25 Weeks38 LBS30 LBS – 46 LBS
30 Weeks43 LBS33 LBS – 52 LBS
35 Weeks46 LBS35 LBS – 56 LBS
40 Weeks48 LBS37 LBS – 59 LBS
45 Weeks49 LBS38 LBS – 61 LBS
60 Weeks51 LBS39 LBS – 64 LBS

In conclusion

There’s no better feeling than bringing home a new puppy, and there’s nothing that can make that experience more stressful than worrying about whether your new friend is healthy. While your veterinarian can be a great resource for making sure your dog is on track in terms of weight, we’ve compiled some information here to help you assess their health during those first few critical weeks.

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