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Holland Lops come in a wide range of colors and patterns, and have soft fur that is short or medium in length. They are also known to be a bit inquisitive, which can get them into trouble. Many people prefer the active, friendly, curious, sweet Holland Lop to breeds that are a bit more passive and cuddly. Holland Lop bunnies are not your common bunnies. They supposedly have the sweetest character and the very best personalities, according to their owners. Truthfully speaking, they are so lovable and adorable that they even take pleasure in getting belly rubs like a pet dog or a cat Rabbits are many people’s choice of pets around the globe.

They are cute, cuddly, affordable, and low maintenance pets to own. There are numerous rabbit breeds; presently, we will be learning all about Holland Lop rabbits, including their appearance, care, temperament, breeding, and history. Holland Lop bunnies are not your ordinary rabbits.  They reportedly have the sweetest personality and the best temperaments, according to their owners.  In fact, they are so personable and lovable that they even enjoy when you rub their bellies like a dog or cat.


As the name indicates, the Holland Lop breed originated in the Netherlands in the 1950s. Adriann de Cock was a Dutch breeder wanting to mix the qualities of the Netherlands Dwarf and the French Lop. This first litter did not produce the desired results, but rather rabbits with erect ears, unlike the droopy ears we see today. De Cock tried again in 1952 breeding a doe and an English Lop buck, and after a few litters, the Holland Lop appeared with those characteristic floppy ears. In 1964, the breed Holland Lop was officially recognized by the Netherlands’ Governing Rabbit Council, and in 1976, it was also recognized by the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association.

Having a gentle temperament and being easier to handle than many other rabbit breeds, the Holland Lops are great pets. But, trying to find Holland Lop bunnies for sale can be very difficult. It’s ironic, I know. Because Holland Lops have become more and more popular over the years. Thanks in part to social media, but probably all credit goes to their impossibly adorable lop eared look.


The expense of a Holland Lop bunny will depend upon the age, pedigree, quality, coat colors, gender, and who you’re buying it from. From the majority of the ads we could find online, the costs for a bunny that isn’t ready for shows is somewhere in the $35 to $100 range. Leading show-prepared Holland Lops, however, can cost closer to $250 or even more. On Hoobly, currently, there are around 90 active classified advertisements from professional breeders, with costs varying anywhere from $55 to $160.


All rabbits need unlimited amounts of fresh, clean water. Some Holland Lops may have digestive issues, and most rabbits do better with a diet that is healthy and consistent, rather than a diet with a lot of variety. Choose a very high-quality pellet with low protein, high fiber, and a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals. Check the ingredients of your rabbit pellets, to make sure that they are high quality and natural. After pellets, choose a high quality hay. Rabbits need hay in their diets to support their digestive system, and timothy hay is best for the teeth of a Holland Lop. If their pellets have alfalfa hay, do not give additional alfalfa hay. You can give occasional treats to adult Holland Lops, but avoid giving them to juveniles.

Holland Lops Price

 $120.00 – $400.00

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