Halal Goat Meat Price

All Boneless pieces are weighed individually and Vacuum wrapped in clear food grade plastic sheets with Label showing Brand Name, Weight, Halal Logo, Date of Manufacture, Date of Expiry, etc. and put in cartons. Each Carton Weight is 20 to 22 kgs. Processed Frozen Beef Meat Silver Side, Thick Flank, Top Side, Rump Steak, Shin Shank; Trimmings, Fore Quarter Rolls, Thick Flank, Knuckle, Rump Steak, Strip Loin, Thick Flank, Blade, Brisket Chuck; Neck; Heart, Liver, Kidney, Tongue, Tail, Cheek Meat, Omasum Hind Quarter Cuts (Topside, Silver-side, Knuckle and Rump-steak), Fore Quarter, Chuck Tender, Cubes, Slices, Trimming, Cube Roll, Tenderloin.

Hand Slaughter, Zabiha Halal Whole Baby Goat Meat (with Bone). All our meat & poultry are strictly monitored by SBNY (Shariah Board of New York) for Zabiha Halal, meeting all requirements set forth. Alhamdullilah, our hand select and hand slaughter meat & poultry are monitored for healthy animals before slaughter and ensured that they are on all vegetarian diet since birth.


– Our goat meat is authentic kid goat 

– From a well kept british farm


– Grown with natural feed

– We only use Indian(barbari) or Similar 


Our main products are Lamb, Mutton, Beef, veal, goat, Camel, horse meat, Poultry, Fish and Fancy Meat Offals. Halal certified. Origins: Brazil We offer the following as well: Halal Goat Carcass Halal Lamb/ Sheep Halal horse meat Halal Mutton Carcass Halal Beef Carcass Halal Boneless Beef Halal Buffalo Carcass Halal Boneless Buffalo Halal Veal Carcass Halal Veal Boneless Halal Whole Frozen Chicken and its Parts


Silver SideThick FlankTop Side
Rump SteakShin Shank

Fore Quarter Rolls
Thick FlankKnuckle
Rump SteakBrisket
Strip LoinChuck
Thick FlankLiver

Cheek Meat
OmasumHind Quarter Cuts (Topside, Silver-side, Knuckle and Rump-steak)
Fore QuarterCubes
Chuck TenderSlices
TrimmingCube Roll

Halal Goat Meat Price

$1,000.00 – $1,500.00/ Metric Ton

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