Gumboro Vaccine

As the Gumboro virus is a very persistent virus and can easily survive in the environment, complete Gumboro control is only possible with an application of an efficacious and well applied Gumboro vaccine in broilers and layers. This should be implemented alongside a strong focus on cleaning and disinfection, and a solid breeder vaccination program to provide Maternally Derived Antibodies (MDA) in order to prevent early infection of the field Gumboro virus. Active immunity (or vaccine immunity) induced by the administration of a vaccine will develop according to the vaccine(s) employed, the quality of the application, and the immune status of the chickens at the time of the vaccination.


Inactivated (or killed) Gumboro vaccines contain a high amount of inactivated whole or subunit IBD virus presented in a mineral oil emulsion. These vaccines are used to boost MDA in breeders. This way the breeders will transfer a higher level of maternal delivered antibodies to the progeny. Conventional live attenuated Gumboro vaccines are live attenuated Gumboro viruses that replicate in the bursa of Fabricius, resulting in immunity generated by the replication of the whole virus. There are different Gumboro disease virus strains used in the vaccines and there are different levels of attenuation: Vaccine types are categorised into four groups:

  • ‘Mild’ which are highly attenuated
  • ‘Intermediate’ which are very attenuated
  • ‘Intermediate Plus’ which are moderately attenuated
  • ‘Hot’ which are poorly attenuated

For this type of vaccine, the MDA levels should be monitored. If given too early, in the presence of an excessively high level of MDA, the virus in the vaccine is neutralised or its replication is delayed. If it is given too late, a window of opportunity (also called the protection gap) is offered to the farm virus to infect the flock. This optimal timing depends on the level of MDA and the invasiveness of the vaccine, that is, its capacity to overcome a given titer of MDA.

Features of Gumboro Vaccine

Gumboro vaccine is a prophylactic regimen containing the intermediate strain of infectious bursal disease (IBD) virus. This vaccine is presented in freeze-dried form packed in vials and is generally well-tolerated by poultry birds.

  • By well-tolerated, we mean the vaccine will not damage the bursa, will not impair the immune response, and will not cause significant vaccinal side effects.
  • This vaccine protects against infectious bursal disease, a disease that causes morbidity and mortality in poultry birds.
  • This product is the small-dose vial variety and can be 100- or 200-dose.
  • Store this vaccine in a refrigerator or cold chain at 2⁰C up to  8⁰C.

Precautions to take

  • This vaccine is not recommended for those birds which are clinically sick or under conditions of severe stress. Vaccinate only healthy birds
  • Do not rehydrate vaccine until ready for use
  • Use entire contents of the vial when first opened
  • Burn all used vials and unused contents
  • Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter
  • Keep vaccine in an ice bath during the entire vaccination period
  • Reconstituted vaccine should be used immediately
  • Do not use chemical disinfectants for sterilization
  • For veterinary use only

Product Specification

Packaging TypeBottle
UsageHospital, Clinical
Dosage FormInjection

Prices of Gumboro Vaccine

$5.00-$30.00/ Liter

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