Gulabi Goat Price

The Gulabi goat looks quite beautiful compared to normal breed goats. it gives higher returns the demand for this type of goat is more and increasing rapidly. The Gulabi goat is all-time money for a goat farmer they can sell kid to mature goat at a higher price. recently I have sold out my one-month-old Sojat goat Gulabi kid in 11500 rs. i have many gulabi sojat kid at my farm all looks quite adorable.

Gulabi is a Hindi word, and it represents a color. The Gulabi means Pink color. The Gulabi goat is That which has a pink Muzzle, and the whole skin color is Pink. Not all goats are pink in color. if the Breeder is in pink color and met with a pink color goat then the result comes pink goat. In simple words, pink cross with pink then crossing results will definitely come in pink color.


Gulabi goats (sometimes called Gulabi Pateri goats) are a remarkable breed. They are one of the best goats for dairy production, and they are also one of the best meat goat breeds. They also make great pets and can often be found at petting zoos – given all of their potential uses, it’s no wonder that the Gulabi is a highly sought after breed.
“Gulabi” means “pink in the Urdu language, while “Pateri” means “belted” in Sindhi. You can see for yourself that this is a fitting name! Pateri goats are found in Pakistan, and are related to Kamori goats. Gulabi goats originated in Pakistan and are now fairly common in Pakistan and India.


One of the most famous Galubi goat characteristics is their color, not only on their bodies but on their horns, which are all white. When they have pink tails, you can be sure the breed is as pure as it can get. One of the most distinguishable characteristics is the hanging skin beneath the chin, which is common to both males and females. These are rather large goats, so in addition to being great as milk animals, they are also good meat animals, and are often raised for this very reason.


The Gulabi Goat has Pink Muzzle (nose), Ears are seen pink, and the back vaginal skin looks pink. and the simple and easy to detect rub hand and move goat hairs in opposite direction the skin will seen totally Gulabi.Selective breeding of goats generally focuses on improving production of fiber, meat, dairy products or goatskin. Sơn Bờm. Whtsapp masg karain video k liye. Mother goat and her 2 6-mo babies for sale, 1 castrated boy and 1 girl. Age is 15 months. The maximum weight of adults is 90 kg. Buy In Goats in Bulk: Gulabi Goats in Karachi – Beautiful Gulabi Breeds For Sale – Karachi Livestock Goat Online Wholesale Price & Mandi Rate for Gulabi Breedand Kamuri Breed! Piver Gulabi Female.Finally price. Maximum load 60g canister shell, this is the biggest breaking shell we sell! Vladyslav Dukhin. kamori goat price in pakistan Get the best deals on Gulabi Goat Male ads in Pakistan. The Kamori goat is a popular and beautiful breed of goat. Description of Gulabi goats. It was previously commanded by Sampat Pal.The group consists of women between 18 and 60 years old. They are popular goats in Pakistan and India, where goats are commonly raised for both meat and mil

Product Specification

Weight20 Kg To 50 Kg
BreedGulabi Sojat Pregnant Females Goats
Age Group4 Month to 2 years
Country of OriginMade in India
Minimum Order Quantity50 Kg

Gulabi Goat Price


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