Goat Price In Usa

Investing in a goat or a herd of goats can seem overwhelming at first, but with the right information, you can be more than prepared to get the most goat for your money. Just because a goat is priced high does not necessarily mean it is worth it and just because it is cheap, does not mean something is wrong with it. Several factors determine the cost of a goat. It is important to know exactly what you are looking for so that you get your money’s worth. Age, breed, type, gender, as well as farmer circumstance all play vital roles in a goat’s purchase price. There is no set price for what a goat should cost, but there is a basic consensus on what goats are going for in 2021.


Goats are a four-legged, hoofed farm animal and have been domesticated for thousands of years. Goats, especially miniature species such as African Pygmy Goats and Nigerian Dwarf Goats, are kept as pets. Goats are well liked for their curious and intelligent nature.Want to make great goat milk products? Soap, lotion, candles, fudge, cheese, or just want the milk? While they are a lot of fun they are also a ton of work and money. When it comes to raising dairy goats there are a lot of hidden expenses that no one really seems to tell you about. So, before you jump into dairy goats you should know the true cost of having them. Being blindsided is never a good thing, especially when it comes to money.


Miniature goats: How much does a Pygmy goat cost? Though one of the smallest goat breeds, prices for Nigerian Dwarf goats vs Pygmy goats can be as high as full-sized dairy goats. Expect to pay up to $500 for a registered, purebred miniature goat such as myotonic, Nigerian Dwarf, or Pygmy goat.

Dairy goats: If you care about breeding or showing the best goats for milk, professional goat breeders offer the best quality, but at a higher price. How much are goats that are show-quality? Registered Nubian goats, from champion bloodlines, can cost $250 as week-old kids and to $500-1000 for a breeding-age doe. Champion tested breeding bucks can top $1,000. The benefits of buying registered goats: breeders focus on animals that give the most milk from the least amount of feed while still maintaining health.

Goat Price In Usa.

BreedTypeUnregistered Price RangeRegistered Price Range
BoerMeat, Show, Pet$100-$350$300-$2000
NubianDual Purpose, Pet$150-$200$300-$1000
Nigerian DwarfDairy, Pet$100 – $350$300-$650
PygmyPet$25-$250$175- $400
La ManchaDairy  $200-$450$200-$600
$200- $1,500
Fainting GoatDual$50- $300$150-$500
Mixed Breed (Adult Male)Dairy, Meat, Dual, Pet$0-$300N/A
Mixed Breed (Adult Female)Dairy, Meat, Dual, Pet$0-$400N/A
Mixed Breed (Baby Male)Dairy, Meat, Dual, Pet$25-$150N/A
Mixed Breed (Baby Female)Dairy, Meat, Dual, Pet$50-$200N/A

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